Fake & Pretty Dumb

Join America’s most extremely attractive audio Engineer & her favorite conservative talk show host in this weeks frolic through the decline of Western Civilization…

With the masks coming off the faces of deviants who in previous times had to conceal their corrupt intentions from men of good conscience who would expose and fight them, it was no surprise to see three Emmys go to a suspected child molester.

And despite the wide availability of a broadly accepted means of being resurrected from the dead, three professors have decided to pursue cryogenic preservation over the customary salvation by the Grace of the Creator!

NYU is kicking Chen Guangchen off campus so they can set up their racket in China, the Benghazi investigation is languishing in ignorance, Roger Ailes is asking where Barry was the night his ambassador was killed, and Barry is misdirecting with WMD and a potential war in Syria!

The failure of our rulers to preserve domestic tranquility was brought into full relief over Father’s Day weekend with stories reminiscent of combat death reports from Chicago, New York, and Omaha, and a mom and grandma butchered their autistic child, the family cat, and themselves in Illinois…

But the RE-publican party and last week’s “Fake and Pretty-Dumb Coalition” has a plan to restore the country! Abandon the Personhood of the unborn, abandon conservatism, marry off queers, regulate the murder of innocent people, and do all this while hopefully Bamboozling the Christians!

Meanwhile the government media complex has grown quite incestuous, leading to what could become the greatest loss of faith between a people and their government since feudal times. With traitors being called heroes, and a ruling class that abuses their just powers, targets normal Americans, but excludes the Moslem mosques where all this spying in actually necessary!

And the aforementioned deviants continue to forge ahead with no shame, and seemingly little restraint as they make abortifacients available to children and their molesters, and even abuse little girls at the White House.

And finally there’s sports; where Patriots Owner Robert Kraft accused an avowed communist of stealing his private property just after acquiring Tim Tebow, the one man who gives us hope that the NFL (and America) can be saved from the onslaught of the perverts, the killers & the queers!

Please enjoy a solid hour of conservative talk you can count on…