Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: Criminally Insane

Your favorite, (and quite possibly one of only a handful) of real conservative talk show hosts, (count ’em on one hand) is back with a  raucous and revealing analysis of the week past, the days to come, and the answers to the biggest questions plaguing the suckers and fools barreling us all toward the rim of hell at break-neck speed!

This week we cover Ashley Madison’s bounty on Tim Tebow, free abortifacients from Barry Ho & his M.O., (and how they might wake up a church that’s been sleeping since shortly after WWII).

Personhood to get a hearing in Canada, Andrea Yates at church, a death sentence for returning home to America from 3 tours, and a felony charge for stealing a soda pop.

“Legitimate Islamism” and the worship of democracy, why the Christianity our leadership has abandoned is superior to Islam, (and any others).

How we lost Afghanistan, (and America), reason 357,339 & 357, 340 to get your kids out of the public schools, and Doug’s war on Joel Osteen.

Listen to America’s least gullible conservative talk at the podcast below!