Conservative Talk: The Weekly Worldview – Criminology

Friday the 13th gives us a bitter pill while Ed Quillen tilts at straw men in his war against Personhood. And Stephen Hawking chats it up with other self hating geeks while Charlie Rangel dances with all his friends at the rim of hell.

Meanwhile Ohio takes 20 years to kill a killer and criminologists wonder aloud regarding the violent culture in which they find themselves… making a comfortable living. And our boys at the front are being denied tobacco in favor of sodomy, and veterans are told it’s OK to break federal law, as long as they’re getting high under the strict supervision of a “doctor“.

And while Barry bows to Mecca, Petreaus’ Iraqi conscripts are negotiating new contracts with Al Qaeda. But don’t feel as if all is lost! It may all soon be settled at a big BBQ blast somewhere in Iran…

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