Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: Fashionably Fearful

As the world erupts in fits of violence, outrage and blasphemy, your humble host soldiers on… bringing the first word in conservative talk to a nation starved for sanity, and a people tired of being told it’s OK to be afraid of the likes of Mohammed… and Bill Nye the “Science” guy.

That’s right! We’re taking on the phony prophets of both Islam and Evolution this week. Not to mention advice on marriage & adultery from Arnold Schwarzenegger, pastoral mis-advice on forgiveness, and training (and spanking) your children, (with real advice from the Home School Legal Defense Association)!

And the queers keep pouring out of the closet, (many of them, especially faggotry’s most prominent advocates, in possession of child pornography). France’s solution is to ban the terms “mother” and “father” from the public square.

And Personhood deniers suggest we should just get on with deciding which kids to butcher and which kids to nurture, and stop quibbling over semantics regarding how we should regulate the killing, or when a human becomes a human, or when a human loses their humanity so we can harvest their liver! Just pass the liver please…

And the US military can’t seem to remove all those Bible verses inscribed on the “Jesus rifle” scopes manufactured by the fine folks at Trijicon. Your host chalks it up to one part typical military bureaucracy… and 2 parts the fact that the guys with the guns are busy holding back the onslaught of the Ottomans as they storm the ever weaker gates of what was western civilization.

Meanwhile our troops are somewhat distracted, and somewhat prosecuted over how they choose to honor the bodies of the Taliban filth they kill…

All this while Christians are fleeing for their lives in Egypt and across the Caliphate, and California film-makers are being arrested by the Feds, and bureaucrats at the highest reaches of American government seem open to beginning a dialog on how we might stifle free speech on a global scale to maybe stop making the followers of the holy and sacred prophet of Allah so mad… (may his divine name be blessed along with those of his teenage concubines and goats).

Here at the Weekly Worldview we refuse to bow to Allah, or Nye, or Hawking, or Hillary, or Barry, or the rest. And we just want them to know… When it all comes down, when the scimitar is hanging over your collective necks,  we, the Christians, will be here, and we’ll do our best to bail you out of your calamity. And we’ll forgive you… if you’ll just repent!

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