Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: A Matter of Time

The first word in conservative talk is found right here! As your host goes all out for a full hour, without a net and without guests to bring you the news that matters most…

We celebrate the EU’s parting gift. A Nobel Peace Prize offered almost posthumously, and certainly a harbinger of hard times to come. And then there’s the slow and steady decline of Protestantism in America, as the liberal “evangelicals” kill off what’s left of the Professing Church.

What’s left of us have to put up with registered child-molesters, (who should be executed) filing suit against irrational ordinances keeping them from Halloween festivities! And our anger is building when we read the horror of an 11 year old brutalized by another one of these creeps who’s only registry should be on the granite of his headstone.

While the Moslems escort the “Abortion Ship” out of port in Morrocco, we here in west are faced with a declining birth-rate, and aging population, and a generation of politicians and potential parents who’ve learned all too well the practiced art of cultural suicide.

And the Long War drags on… with Drones over Israel, and the Pashtun sensibilities of Mohammed spelling defeat for the West in Afghanistan and beyond.

America’s answer for the Homeland? Death Panels!

The Christian Answer? Islam, Abortion & Evolution are lies from the pit of Hell! Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth & the Life!
How much longer will we allow His Name to be profaned? Killing those who should not die, and allowing those who should not live, to live? Do you not know that we shall judge the angels? How much more the things that pertain to this life?

Meanwhile in California the drug addled governor has signed a law against any attempt to “change the sexual orientation” of anyone under 18… Hey, Moonbeam… does that go for the homosexualists in your schools governor, working to change the heterosexual orientation of normal kids?

And while James Dobson and John Elway embarrass themselves further in the realm of politics, we can at least look forward with a hopeful spirit into a week that will not include Arlen Specter, well known liar, killer, thief, defender of murderers, and corrupter of children, (around here we speak evil of the dead when the dead were evil). Specter experience God’s death penalty this week, and the saints all rejoice!

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