Free Death Spiral

Join America’s most versatile conservative talker as he and his extremely attractive audio engineer tackle the BIG issues others are incapable of properly analyzing!

There’s Owen Wilson’s public love child, Iranian Christians imprisoned, murder & mayhem in Philadelphia, a rapist coming to a neighborhood near you, Nanci Pelosi’s plan to destroy womanhood, euthanasia in Belgium, Texan’s proudly regulating the murder of innocent Texans, uplifting stories of women and the babies they killed, and Socialist Dictators for Life!

Barry Ho is purging the military, (at least all the healthy, white, heterosexual Christian males), while Israel is left to strike Iranian weapons on her own & China asserts second strike nuclear capability. But don’t worry, be happy; the Pentagon is promoting diversity & inclusion while sending Robert Gates, architect of your new queer Army to the Boy Scouts!

And finally there’s the special forces who WERE at Benghazi, and Alex Jone’s opinion of fluoride, contrails, false flags and the LAX killer!

Clink to podcast to hear why conservative talk isn’t just for crazies anymore!