Families & Spies

Join America’s most controversial & entertaining conservative talk show, as your host (and his extremely attractive audio engineer) examine the cultural, political and religious news of the week.

Hear about Iran’s “peaceful’ nuclear bomb and their munificent 80 lashes for Christian communion, followed by the state of Christian liberty in Kenya where a pastor was murdered, still holding his Bible!

Meanwhile in America a self proclaimed “militant atheist” punched a preacher in the nose, and the preached DID NOT forgive him!

There’s the dubious search for nuclear fusion, aside a promising tale about nanobiotechnology, and then another dubious pursuit of the Devil by Herman Cain.

John and Patsy Ramsey were indicted for the murder of Jon Benet. And another story tells of a daughter who died jumping from a moving vehicle in a fit with her mom & step-dad.

On the Government school front; two math teachers were murdered at school, research indicates that anti-bullying programs produce more bullies, the teachers unions have come out against keeping child molesters out of the schools, and America’s number one party school; Iowa University has not yet fired a teacher who emailed pornographic pictures to her students.

The census reveals that welfare is the norm. Jerry Brown signed 2 laws in California: one legalizing abortion performed by gardeners and other professionals, and one authorizing a pile of homosexuals to be listed a “legal” parents on a newborn’s birth certificate. Personhood is the best response!

The US Postal Service will issue it’s first stamp commemorating the career of a child molester, while the spying scandal continues to consume credibility & relationships, and governing officials continue to abuse the government’s just authority.

We comment on the defeat of the SEALS in Somalia at the hands of terrorists who may now be getting arms from the United States Military.

Then there’s queer boxers and other assorted madness. All for your enlightenment and entertainment at the podcast below.