True Love

If conservative talk were a shotgun, the weekly worldview would be a double barreled twelve gauge placed firmly against the head of ignorance!

And the good news is that the Sheriff in Louisiana still allows rednecks to shoot kidnappers, even as the NFL devolves in to the level of a circus culture fueled by pride, testosterone, youth and stupidity, and cannot tolerate the love of a man like Tim Tebow (who makes the the other circus freaks uncomfortable).

The debate around the morality of vaccinations continues and we take the subject head on to investigate whether or not it is immoral to NOT vaccinate your children…

College professors continue to try to impress young coeds by extrapolating that earth is just one of billions of possibly inhabitable planets, the United Methodist church has, in at least one case, simply dropped all pretense of Christianity, And the ironically named “ENDA” homosexualist legislation cleared the majority queered Senate this past week.

Speaking of irony, the UN allowed a vote on a nuclear disarmament resolution authored by Iran, while the Israeli Prime Minister warned that the UN & the world are making a mistake of historic proportion! And the Europeans appear to be preparing for the coronation of a 21st century Hitler as national socialism & antisemitism rear their ugly heads across the continent again, (and Europe’s Jews even consider fleeing as they’ve done in centuries past).

But the American Military stands poised to defend the world against all this converging darkness, as symbolized by the marriage of two queers in the Chapel at West Point, (it’s OK, one of them taught Sunday School there)!

In news of the inconceivable: Police in Missouri tasered a father to prevent him from entering a burning house to save his son, CNN offers parenting advice from an Austin Texas psychologists and a “clinical” social workers, (we think that means she hands out RU486 at high schools), and a drunken crowd raves as a man burns to death in their midst…

We offer numerous reasons to avoid institutionalizing your children in either government or secular private schools including reports on rave parties & randos, the homecoming queen’s and ADHD drugs.

Denver Democrats forecast $40m in pot tax revenue, but your host makes a businessman’s prediction. Thanks to Ken Cuccinell’is handlers for their crafting of his inexplicable loss to a democrat vampire, thus not only handing the host another “prediction come true” but finally finishing the destruction of the RE-publican party, (at least among the Christians).

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