Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: Heaven Knows

Tune is to America’s most compelling hour of conservative talk, as your host Doug McBurney & his extremely attractive audio engineer focus on the events of the week through the lens of original thought!

This week we cover the loss of the republic, and encourage the the death of the RE-publican party, before they become nothing more than liberal zombies!

We discover evidence that not every female on Fox News is a post-op transsexual, (even though they tend to look quite “handsome”)… that diapers for the elderly are outselling diapers for infants in Japan, that the children of Hamas want to be martyred, that the Taliban is a ciphy-ghonna-ringworm infested pack of drug dealing thugs, and that God has reserved for himself tens of thousands in France who have not bowed their knee at the alter of homosexual marriage.

We also discuss the Department of Homeland security’s promotion of welfare, a teenager who should be executed, instead gets sentenced to church, how chemical abortions are reducing surgical abortions in the garden of knowledge, how 4D ultrasounds continue to prove what we all have known from the beginning, and that Tommy Chong and Jeff Spicoli may have a leftist “Christian” blog somewhere out there in the ether…

Then there’s the “Atheist, Humanist, Agnostic” club at Dartmouth, (really, three derogatory adjectives in one club name seems a bit much), and they’re out to prove they’re better than Mother Teresa… a Quadrapalegic rapist released from prison in California to “cut costs“, insights on how a principle recommends your daughter wear spandex tights to school, the “still small voice” relegated to a car alarm, and a convicted rapist/kidnapper, released to kidnap again.

All this while the European Union, (affectionately known around here as the “Eeuuu”) is represented by a suicidal Frenchman and God’s opinion of strip clubs is illuminated in Springfield Mass.

You may find other conservative talkers entertaining, even enlightening, but download the podcast below and hear the one you’ve been waiting for…