Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: Pretty Uncivilized

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While the American birthrate hits an all time low, and the U.N. works to criminalize homophobia, Christians across the Middle East face genocide on a scale not seen since the days of Heinrich Himmler. So who will save the day you ask? Who has the answers… is it Romney? Is it Barry? Is it Larry, Moe, or Curly? Is it “none of the above”? Your humble host offers his suggestion…

Find out why prosecutors in the Jessica Ridgeway murder case have been compelled to make things up in court, why Chinese communist tyrants can never reverse their one child policy, how hospitals in England are being paid to kill sick, old people, why Todd Akin has been arrested more times than Doug McBurney, and how the brainwashing of generations of journalists has produced the reporters who will give us all the gory details of our own murder/suicide with a smile!

Then there’s the U.S. Supreme Court, who, ruled by 30 years of RE-publican justices, couldn’t even find four who would allow a case regarding the unalienable right to life to be heard, (their SCOTUS operandi), Larry Flint’s $1M challenge to Senator Richard Mourdock, (Larry should pay up), and of course there’s Bubba Bill Jeff Clinton’s suggestion as to how the situation in Benghazi might have been handled better…. His suggestion? More homosexual soldiers!

Finally we examine the religio-superstitious comments by radical Moslem clerics, and Bible believing Christians regarding whether or not Hurricane Sandy was God’s judgement on America.

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