Impeach & Arrest

Join the conservative talker who’s never been “hannitized” and eschews the shallow mimicry of Limbots as he an his extremely attractive audio engineer focus on the news through the lens of original thought…

This week we expose climate expert scientists who have trouble counting, PGE’s (Products of Government Education) who beat a store owner with their skateboards so they could rob his store, more cowardly men who allowed a TSA agent to bleed to death because the situation was “unsafe”.

We examine how pornography distorts the neural pathways of adolescents and adults, and discover yet another reason we call for the arrest, trial and execution of pornographers.

China may ease it’s one child policy for the sake of jobs and social security, the State Department is trying to make nice with Vlad by letting the Russians build “monitor stations” on American soil, and the UN acknowledges “letting down” the people being allowed to starve in the wake of the Philippines typhoon, (and far from a “let down”, the failure of the civilized world to act will go down as one of the most shameful events in American & world history).

Having been abandoned by the “Barry & Kerry” show, Israel has begun preparing for the war on Iran with the Saudis, another report from an eyewitness in Benghazi indicates that the Moslem terrorists who attacked had inside information, (likely from the Moslem terrorists entrusted with handling “security” there).

There is finally a serious call for the impeachment of Eric Holder in the congress, and we document the fact that your host was the first serious & significant radio personality to call for the impeachment of Barack Obama, (after which we call for his arrest).

Mitt Romney made the news this past week despite his laughable irrelevance, and Ohio couple could face 6 months and $1000 fine for abandoning their 9 year old child, a Florida mom is outraged that her relatively dim child made the “honor roll” with a “C” & a “D” on his report card… and then she quietly sent him back to the outrage of a godless government education

We examine the demented extremes that “scientists” will go to to bypass the need for God in the afterlife, and we find out how a Greenwich Village book store cleans the streets of muck, mire, and the homeless!

The podcast below represents conservative talk from a bygone era; when men spoke their minds without shame, but within the bounds of reason, good taste & Christian Liberty!