The Surrender

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her conservative talker as they focus on the events of the week through the lens of original thought.

We begin with a sociology professor’s analysis of what she describes as an “emergency support system for adult children”, formerly known as “family“, along with just one of the historic surrenders documented this week; that of “fiscal conservatives” to the lying thieving murderous progressives who are in charge of them.

We acknowledge the glory of Christians in Nigeria who are resisting the command of the Islamists to “convert or die“, while CNN names a garbage collector as their “Hero of the Year”. Then God went missing from Barry’s rendition of the Gettysburg Address, and has been eliminated from the Oaths of the Air Force’s Cadet Handbook.

Planned Parenthood opened their new “Pro-Life Industry Compliant” baby killing Center next door to an adoption center in Ft. Worth, and NPR gave short shrift to Personhood, while allowing advocates for the legalized murder of innocent people to categorize unborn children as sub-humans, and promoting heroin use among pregnant women!

Serial killer Paul Joseph Franklin was finally executed in Missouri after more than 35 years, and a series of increasingly embarrassing judicial malfeasances. And even the pleas for clemency of pornographer (and fellow poster child for the death penalty) Larry Flynt could not stay the evermore shaky & unsure hand of American justice.

Meanwhile, the communist Chinese dictatorship asserted it’s authority to fly fighter jets over the territory of American ally Japan, the dictatorship ruling North Korea kidnapped another American, and the Barry & Kerry show helped procure a nuclear bomb for their allies in Iran.

Finally, Prince Charles has publicly admitted his general uselessness in the face of Global Warming, Climate Change, or any other situation, real or imagined, upon which he has exerted  effort in his long & feckless career.

And while your host accepts correction in regards to particle physics from a listener in Alaska, he maintains the position that The Weekly Worldview remains the most significant conservative talk show ever podcast from Denver, in all of history! Find out why at the podcast below!