Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: Is This the End?

The Department of Justice is insulting black American’s by insisting they need lower test scores to compete for civil service jobs. They’ve lowered the already ground scraping bar especially for the brothers! And on the Eastern Front: Quentin Tarantino goes to law with his neighbors from Sodom, and the Macaws may be the only good guys.

Domestic Tranquility continues to deteriorate in Elko, Nevada while Illinois Governor Pat Quinn multiplies and redirects the death penalty upon the innocent. Progressives hurl death threats and exaggerations in Sheboygan and the new inclusive, tolerant, multicolored revolutionaries in Egypt have released their favorite Islamists.

Barry HO and NATO are busy tightening the noose around GKQuadaffi even as the inept and barely conscious James Clapper notices GKQuadaffi is winning, (duh)! And this while traitor and celebrated open homosexual soldier Bradley Manning gets an unnecessary change of clothes! And a confluence between the Mayan prophecy, natural disasters and a fertile imagination leads Tim LaHaye to embarrass Christians once again, (but his end time seminars are selling out)!

Newt Gingrich help us all understand how patriotism and hard work can lead a man, (or even a newt) to adultery. Then Mitt Romney beats Chris Christie in a NJ presidential poll, forcing us here at the worldview to reconsider what wee just wrote about Tim LaHaye…

And American’s cant sleep and can’t navigate anymore due to over-reliance on technology. But what about an over-reliance on secular government? George W. Bush’s socialist, progressive “No Child Left Behind” law threatens to damage the self esteem of liberal educrats while continuing to destroy the minds of America’s youth. Lenin couldn’t have plotted a more perfectly insidious attack on all that’s right and good in the world.

And the defeated congressmen stole sacks of cash on thier way out the door, but don’t be concerned, the ones who stayed ripped you off as well, (but at least had the decency to be subtle about it)! Give a listen, and get prepared for your own personal encounter with the end!