Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: Ode to Vanity

So your host and his extremely attractive audio engineer, (and their extremely intelligent and photogenic children) were on the road in the greater western United States and the outside world appears to have lost it’s mind…. And we know that other conservative talk hosts have dropped the ball, leaving you desperate for a worldview that makes sense. Your wait is over!

Dennis Rodman has proven the axiom that no life is waste; as one may always serve as a bad example. Dennis is allegedly “broke and very sick” after a lifetime of body piercing, tattoo acquisition and cross dressing. A lesson to all you kids out there…

And the state of domestic tranquility continues to deteriorate. This week we cover a Texas man who shot his dogs, and then just kept shooting; killing his wife as well, a mom threatened with jail time for a rogue baptism, and Jimmy Carter’s extremely shallow understanding of the Bible, figures of speech, cosmology, and just about everything else!

And then there’s the continuing undermining of America’s, and Israels national security by Herodians like Hillary Clinton, (announcing a Friday the 13th meeting with Iran and others regarding… well, no one really knows…), and her State Department listing Israel and Jerusalem as two separate entities, Barry Ho and the open mic revealing who’s the real boss of him, (read Dimitry Medvedev & Vlad [Ras]Putin), and a bald faced leak of sensitive information that could derail a successful Israeli attack on the Mad Mullahs Iranian nuclear sites.

And while the terrifying attack of another Moslem Jihadi killing seven other French citizenswas inexplicably eclipsed in the news by a shooting in Florida, the Government of Japan has not yet called for “Justice for Treyvon”, instead choosing to be racially insensitive and focus on North Korea’s impending ballistic missile test.

Meanwhile Personhood continues to go mainstream, even crossing the border of our fine neighbor to the north Canada, and showing itself to be the best means by which the minority of sane people will prevent such atrocities as the FDA approved experimentation on the bodies of the murdered innocents.

The Food Stamp presidency continues to what may be it’s high water mark with Montgomery Alabama’s Food Stamp Friday, (where the ghost of Dr. King must weep over the present enslavement of American’s to government cheese), the feds refuse to hand over Barry Ho’s possibly fraudulent Selective Service card while the respectable but the crotchetyold men of the Hutaree Militia are vindicated of charges of rebellion! But they remain crotchety…

And there’s men shooting women’s mohawks, (accidentally mind you), college students committing arson in celebration of a basketball win, and homosexuals openly cruising our military academies!

But all this news, (save perhaps for Personhood) pales in comparison to the devastation Pat Bowlen, and John’s Elway and Fox have wrought upon the City of Denver and indeed the nation in their disrespectful and disastrous treatment of young Tim Tebow. Hear the curse the other conservative hosts were afraid to pronounced upon them all. It’s worth twice the price of admission folks!

Enjoy the Podcast!