Queen Bubba

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This week the Finns have managed to smuggle Bible verses into Europe, (perhaps for the first time in a generation) via toilet paper! Kids are smoking more and more pot in Colorado since the forces of darkness pushed dope legalization on the ignorant children in the Mile High state.

The TSA has admitted their utter uselessness; allowing a training team to sneak a “bomb” into Newark airport, while simultaneously capitulating and allowing 2.36 inch knives aboard planes. And over at the state department answers on Benghazi are hard to find… but special passports for transgendered freaks are readily available!

Kim Dung UN of North Korea has unilaterally cancelled the Korean War ceasefire and is promising all out war, Osama bin Laden’s brother in law was captured and smuggled into a New York courtroom, and the Boy Scouts of America hired a prostitute to entertasin the boys at their upcoming Jamboree, but she’s cancelled the gig, citing her support for facilitating├é┬áthe molestation of boys on camping trips!

New York City high schools provide reason 673 to keep your kids out of the government schools, while reason 672 was provided by a school board member (and sometime pimp) in California.

A study of child sex crimes in England has once again established the obvious connection between pornography and sex crimes, (but this latest studied five-year-olds)… And Bubba Bill Jeff Clinton shocked the world with his objection to the idea that marriage should be between “one man & one woman“!

The Queen of England will declare her support this week for… well, queens. Dianne Feinstein says hunting people is legal in California, (this mis-interpretation is not to be confused with certain nightly activities in the Castro district of San Francisco). And happy days are here again! Federal Revenue is projected to set a record this year, and finally….

Finally, FINALLY! Someone has had the guts to stand up and speak the truth to power! And the truth is… Michelle Obama not only behaves like a wretch from the pit of Hades… she also dresses like one!

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