The Lisping Class

Join America’s most offensively entertaining conservative talk show as your host and his extremely attractive audio engineer cut a swath of common sense through the disturbing news of the day…

Dennis “Denise” Rodman is not only still alive, but he had drinks with Kim Jung Un & and an HBO TV crew as thousands were starved, beaten, tortured, disfigured & killed across North Korea, and as the heavy water plant at Arak brings Iran another step closer to a nuclear assault on Tel Aviv, and as Chinese missiles are discovered having been smuggled to Islamists by Iran, across the fertile fields of the “Arab Spring”.

Meanwhile, back in America politicians unveiled a bill to nationalize the legalization of “medicinal” marijuana, seeking to cut through the haze of confusion surrounding current federal dope policy, and vowing to proceed proudly and in public, and not in any smoke filled room.

And World War III looms large as American reality television goes global, potentially leading militarists far and wide to conclude that the homeland is overrun with slackers, deviants and losers, and the time to attack may well be now!

But the politicians have things well in hand: Mayor “Claudius” Bloomberg says “don’t worry”, it’s preposterous to think that the holders of American debt would ever stop lending us an “infinite” amount of money, a city councilor in England had to resign for insisting that disabled children should be “put down“, and Chicago public schools are proposing reason 671 to keep your kids out of the government schools… sex ed for 5 year-olds!

A replica of the Titanic (and no, we’re not referring to the EU) is set to sail, grandparents have a new hobby… V.D. , an IVF advocate goes on a juvenile, self absorbed rant against Personhood, and a study shows pessimistic people to be generally correct about the state of the world.

Scientists and a washed up old queer calling himself “Morrissey” discuss the social benefits of open sodomy, a 9 year old rapper is publicly abused by the adults around him & Lech Walesa risks his legacy by merely pointing out that the homos seem to be a bit over the top lately.

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