The Post Conservatives

Tired of the “post conservative” talk you get from the secular humanist media masquerading as conservatives?

Well, tune in to the Weekly Worldview at the podcast link below and discover that you need not rely on the filthy unwashed heathens of the left, nor the compromised secularists of of the so-called “right” for an entertaining and enlightening take on the news of the day!

This week we lament the possible discovery of the “G0d Particle” by a pack of ignorant godless physicists, while passing severe judgment upon post-christian postors who encourage parents and teachers to participate in an education system designed to deceive and corrupt children.

We examine the fruit of the secular humanist tree that has grown up amongst us in the form of a homicidal child porn addict, a disabled maniac, suicide at the sporting goods store, a gagsta dad who paid for his crimes with the life of his baby, and yet another lawyer driven to suicide.

A well known German banker says only Jesus can save the Euro-zone, while Christians are being tortured and killed for preaching the Gospel by militiamen armed by Barry Ho’s “lead from behind” strategy in Libya.

NASA scientists link traces of phosphorus to life on Mars, while the rest of the government sanctions the slaughter innocent children (who are actually alive) by the tens of millions.

Barry pays off Vlad with the abandonment of missile defence in Europe while America’s premier Navy Admiral in Asia say global warming is the greatest threat to peace in the region.

Maryland abolishes capital punishment, but intensifies the death penalty.

Post conservative Ohio Politician Rob Portman has abandoned his principled stand against homosexual marriage in favor of a position encouraging his own son to commit suicide. And State GOP chairman Bob Bennett slapped Mr. Portman  on the back, giving him his full support as the both careen like a pinball toward the rim of Hell.

Defense lawyers in the Ohio football player rape case make their best case in support of the aphorism…. “first, kill all the lawyers“, and the post conservative masquerade continues as the ruling class in states across America decide to draw the line at gun control, having NOT drawn the line at the mass killing of innocent citizens a generation ago; leaving conservatives to wonder why they should be taken seriously…

And while “true believers” Michael Bloomberg & Bono continue their crusades to save the world apart from Jesus Christ, we learn that China has killed over 330 million of it’s innocent children since surgical abortion became fashionable in the 60s and 70s.

And your host makes the credible claim that we now live in a world that has killed so many innocent children by abortion as to dwarf all of the lives lost in all the wars and conflicts in all of human history… combined.

More than one billion murdered worldwide and counting… As we now enter the age of chemical abortifacients… A brave new world indeed.

Come, seek refuge in an hour of unapologetic conservative talk that’s not “post conservative” at the link below!