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In a week that was marred by the welshing of Tom Tancredo on his commitment to smoke dope, and the mayor of Seattle publicly advocated tyranny without so much as a peep of protest from what’s left of free Americans, news that the Marine Corps will not lower their standards for infantry officers (for girls) was met with more than a little skepticism here at the Worldview…

Joe Biden hints he’s willing to sit down and negotiate with the twelvers in Iran, even as they sentenced an American Pastor to prison for preaching the gospel! Traitor John Kerry has been confirmed as Barry’s Secretary of Schlock, Barry & Hillary dissembled to great fanfare on 60 Minutes, North Koreans are starving to the point of cannibalism, & the drone wars are coming closer!

Back in America a new book reveals that pets now outnumber children 4 to 1, and now government school teachers have fomented a movement against testing their victims… er, students, the bloodbath in Chicago continues unabated, but the police insist we need to look on the bright side, and stop focusing on inconvenient facts like the murder of a teenage girl who played at the president’s inauguration…

Speaking of domestic tranquility, (or the lack thereof), we saw a woman molested as she lay sedated in the E.R., a madman in Alabama kill a bus driver and then abscond with a young boy to an underground bunker, a 9 year old thrown off the roof of a 5 story building, a disabled girl locked in a cage by her mom (and the jerk she’s shacking up with), a woman beaten by her ex in court as she sought a restraining order, and 70 years of marriage end in murder.

On the lighter side we saw Christie Hefner of Playboy fame link all this violence, obviously, to climate change, the UN postulating that warming on the earth may be influenced by of all things… the sun! And an admission from someone on the staff here at the Weekly Worldview that she has knowingly eaten horse meat… (and it wasn’t at Burger King)! Other conservative talkers might help you wile away your time during the week. But this is the show that tells you what to do about it. The one we all wait for, all week! So grab the podcast below and join us!