Mark of the Beast

It’s the conservative talk we’ve all been waiting for! Join your host and his extremely attractive audio engineer as they focus on the events of the week through the lens of original thought!

We’ve got tattooed freaks, homos & unions pushing dope legalization, abortifacients in the government schools, and a major university offering free sex change operations for all students!

There’s a judge in Florida who’s tried to create a new birth certificate controversy by listing two lesbians & a hairdresser on an innocent baby’s birth certificate… but aslmost no one noticed… Al Roker kissed a boy on the Today show, Dick Morris groveled before Piers Morgan in hopes of getting a new gig on CNN & a German neurologist discovered what could be something like, something to do with the Mark of the Beast!

LeRoy Carhart accidentally killed a Maryland woman while intentionally killing her 33 week old baby.

But the sun broke through the clouds as Heather Surovik responded to the insults Demonocrat legislators in Colorado with a state wide ballot initiative to extend the criminal code’s protections to every person, no matter how small and defenseless they might be! And the North Dakota State Senate has passed a bill that would outlaw the killing of innocent people, and extend equal protection to people in the womb!

Pretty sad that we need a law to outlaw killing the innocent… but that’s where we are folks…

Meanwhile in Chicago, the police will no longer respond promptly to property crime reports, (seeing as the politicians and unions have committed one of the greatest property crimes in history, and have never even been arrested, the police seem to be just taking their cues from the example set by the criminals running the government).

And the other shoe has dropped in the Benghazi massacre! That’s right, Leon Panetta himself, along with some other flunky on the Joint Chiefs have testified to congress that Barry Ho was nowhere to be found, and Hillary Clinton didn’t even check her Twitter feed the night our embassy was attacked and four Americans were killed in Libya.

But if a shoe drops in the “Med-Stream Media”… does it make a sound? We shall see…

The Drone Wars continue with America’s great new pilot-less helicopter supporting the Marines, and Barry Ho being given permission to put a drone kill on any American who’s gone overseas to join the Jihadis. But the Iranians are bringing up the rear with a “stealth fighter jet” that looks like it was constructed at a 6th grade science fair.

Jokin’ Joe Biden’s amorous advances toward the mullahs in Iran in pursuit of a “one on one relationship” have been rebuffed by the Grand Ayatollah, (is there really any other kind) in Tehran, and Joe and Barry might have to invite the Russians along, and we all know they never want to do anything fun…

But if you hear all this and you’re still worried about global warming, or horse meat in your next meal, we’ve got you covered there as well…

And one more thing, we want to thank God & the FBI for killing the murderer/kidnapper who killed a bus driver and held a six year old boy in a bunker for six days. For a conservative talk show with 3 kids of our own, this was truly an answer to prayer!

Grab the podcast below, and enjoy.