Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: Strong Delusion

Join the conservative talk you can’t get anywhere else in America as your host Doug McBurney and his extremely attractive audio engineer bring you a Truth fueled hour of real news from a masculine Christian worldview.

Angry boys with drones threaten the skies above, North Korean mad-men, suicidal humanists & Eurocrats threaten to drag us to the depths below, no one’s to blame for Benghazi, and you can’t find Hillary Clinton with a GPS!

America raises her children without a knowledge of their Creator, (and the responsibility we all have to him regarding our brother’s well being), but instead allow teachers and administrators to hand out rubbers and oversee yoga classes. And “gun rights advocates” want to arm these bureaucrats? Meanwhile parents are faced with the choice to wrap their children in body armor? Or maybe send their kid to school with a gun?

Has everyone lost their minds? Please people, tell me there are still a few of us left who understand that arming humanists and child molesters is not the answer, and body armor & pistols for 2nd graders is not the answer. I say that when we’ve come down to options as distasteful as these, it’s time to opt out of the government education experiment altogether, and take our children HOME, to be raised in the fear and admonition of the Lord!

Living in an America where the murder of three people at a church competes for headline space with the most recent mass murder is enough to make a person stop reading the headlines altogether, and just focus on getting Piers Morgan fired, craft honest conservative talk for the ignorant masses, standing up for the masculinity of the Creator God, and seceding from the madness of the government/media/educational complex.

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