Your host, (and his extremely attractive audio engineer) are back with the most relevant conservative talk online or anywhere.

Join us as we expose the lies being fed to you and your children by the “Med-Stream” media, the government schools, academia, Hollywood, & Washington DC.

For example, one headline declares a resident of Kyoto Japan as “the oldest living man on record… EVER! Ever heard of Methuselah you ignorant heathens… Oh, that’s right you don’t consider the Bible a book “of record”. Well here at the Worldview, we do!

And 2013 begins with disturbing news from Israel, regarding their declining birth-rate, from the Middle East in general, where Christianity is nearly “extinct“, and from CNN, where Piers Morgan wants to amend the Bible!

Ann Coulter again used the murder of innocent children to score a catty political quote, while actively supporting the murder of millions of children. And in Ireland hysterical child killers are mimicking their counter parts at Planned Parenthood in America by creating a false hysteria, and then lying to legalize the murder of innocent people. But Personhood supporters across the world warn the Emerald Isle not to allow the abortion culture to infect their families!

All this while the justice system languishes in a state of cognitive dissonance, keeping people alive who should not live, and killing people who should not die. But some parents are waking up. Realizing that feeding their children’s minds with violence must be stopped, and the books (and videos and video games) should be burned! While the humanists look for an “evil gene” in the Sandy Hook killer, the Bible warned us of the Fall from the beginning…

And while liberals continue their best efforts to make it so killer CAN’T kill, the killing continues by whatever means are at hand, and while the ruling class moves to confiscate the good guy’s guns… good guys with guns stand guard over the children of Newtown…

Hillary Clinton is expected to make a full recovery from her myriad fake illnesses, her minions who “resigned” over the massacre at Benghazi are back at work collecting their patronage paychecks and benefits, heathenism in congress is up 100%, France’s first baby of Thirteen will be abused by two deviant parents, and in New York a man who killed his grand mother with a hammer was released from prison to kill again.

It’s all a bit depressing, but we strive to have a bit of fun with it, while warning and teaching that there is a God, the Bible is true, there is a Judgment Day, and that Jesus Christ and His people are the only hope in times of trouble… Enjoy the podcast with the conservative talk you can’t find anywhere else!