The Separation

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Two new scientific studies search for the mysterious answer to monogamy, while Josh and Caroline Craddock already found it, and told it at their wedding!

Meanwhile kidnapper and rapist Ariel Castro was allowed to admit that his obsession with sexual immorality led to the criminal behavior that has now led to his ridiculous sentencing, (life + a thousand years indeed!)

And modern Dadaists are celebrating the tax exempt status of their new “Church of Euthenasia” founded on the four pillars of: suicide, abortion, sodomy & cannibalism. But it turns out it’s just one guy and a few of his misfit friends, (and possibly President Obama)…

RE-publicans are working to clean up the image of abortionists in North Dakota, politicians are insisting that some unlucky Virginia community welcome child rapist Timothy J. Szad, (with the caveat that blonde haired blue eyed boys be locked away or sent off somewhere), Russians have a law against advocating homosexuality to kids, Desmond Tutu wants to go to Hell, California government schools want kids to select their gender, and the Navy is considering it’s first Humanist chaplain!

The American Family Association wants to amend the Constitution to ban polygamy, apparently unfazed by the failure of DOMA. Angelina Jolie takes a brave stance against rape, it turns out that many welfare recipients are cheating! The Saudi’s admit that American shale oil poses a threat to their despotic regime, Democrats laugh at Darrell Issa over the IRS scandal, and Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff Huma Abedin is outed again as a Moslem Brotherhood operative.

Two Traitors got cushy treatment this past week as Edward Snowden ran off with a blonde girl in Russia, and Bradley Manning was found not guilty of aiding the enemy and finally achieved a lifelong desire of his to live for many years exclusively with other men…

And another celebrity has fathered a child out of wedlock, and this time with his best friends wife! It’s as if the heathen finds no further use for shame, and we’re all worse off for it.

But join the podcast for a dose of conservative talk to serve as both prophylactic and proactive relief from the ongoing infection known as the news of the day…