The nations most attractive audio engineer joins conservative talk legend Doug McBurney for a fast paced, edifying and often hilarious analysis of the events of the week that was, and the eternity to come…

As deviants seek to queer the dictionary, queer the seminary and punish Christian chaplains, a small but passionate minority, (about 30% or so) seek to once again establish justice for all innocent people, execute justice upon those who harm the innocent, and pray for all you pathetic heathens who seem hell bent on killing yourselves and taking the rest of us with you.

A story was once related to me about how a young man of Irish decent left a gin mill late one night in South Buffalo, only to be “Murphed” in the darkness and left lying on the street, robbed, whimpering and convinced he was defenseless… That story came to mind as I surveyed the statements of pro-life industry hacks at Americans United for Life, the Susan B. Anthony List and the National Right to Life Committee. The Right to Life Movement has been Murphed by the pro-life industry…

They are now admitting publicly that their goal is not to end legal child killing, but that they have accepted the fact that some abortion must be kept legal. Fortunately there are people still working to end the legal murder of every innocent person. So if you were supporting any of the above mentioned groups, please read their own words and decide if your support might be better directed to American Right to Life & Personhood USA!

From the Science of when life begins we transition to the science of bringing light into the darkness, stopping light in it’s tracks, and turning off the lights at the NTSB & the NHTSA so that private, free, enterprising men can help girls parallel park, and one day give us flying, autonomous cars!

But we also cover the “justice industry” that has grown up around the “Just-a-System”, making crime pay, quite literally for municipalities and prisons while undermining the confidence we all must have in the equality of application of justice by our government.

And finally, privacy advocates are expressing concern once again. This time it’s “black boxes” in every car that is a threat to our sacred privacy. But those black boxes record only the truth, (and whoever had an assumption of privacy while driving a car with windows all the way round anyway)!

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