Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: Twin Tides

Join America’s most important purveyor of conservative talk as we review the tales of woe that threaten us, and celebrate the strength of those standing against the twin tides humanism & paganism lapping at the foundations of civilization.

I’m hitting the road with my atheist buddy to see Eric Metaxas this evening, so no time to blog much in writing. But be sure to download the podcast below to hear about PETA killing pets, Lesbian Judges, and transgendered children ( and the parents and drug dealers… I mean doctors who abuse them).

We’ve got hate crimes committed by the “beautiful people”, and a tranny who gave birth to a baby who is perplexed as to why her family is freaking out.

Then there’s the groveling pitiful apologies given by America’s military leadership regarding Taliban enemies who should have been burned alongside their “holy” korans, Iran within a year of nuking Tel Aviv, while US intelligence analysts debate whether or not the Mullahs have really decided to pursue the nuclear option.

Meanwhile in Wyoming the “preppers” are in the legislature, in Oklahoma Personhood legislation is set to challenge the pro-life bona-fides of the governor there, teachers in Buffalo are getting tax funded Botox, and Ashley Madison is destroying America, (and having the most success in D.C.)!

And while atheist Richard Dawkins admitted last week that there is an infinitesimally small possibility that God exists, the Archbishop of Canturbury left us with the impression that he remains thoroughly unconvinced!

Enjoy the best in true conservative talk at podcast below: