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The biggest story of the week just past is without a doubt the encounter between the President of the United States and the Prophet Eric Metaxas. Hear a blow-by-blow retrospective of the Davidic, (or more precisely Shimeic) parry & thrust of the prophet toward the pretender.

Rick Santorum continues his inevitable march toward the crucible that has been prepared for him by the secular, godless, humanist left. And unlike other conservative talk show hosts, we at the Worldview don’t hold out much hope that he’ll withstand the challenge with his godly conservatism intact, (despite the endorsement of that prescient & sage prophet of speed metal Dave Mustaine)!

And while AlGore and his well-heeled newly socialist acolytes continue to bloviate about their religion, Mega-Mom Michelle Duggar is now firmly in the line of succession should the current crop of RE-publican candidates fail us.

Chris Christie, (reputedly voted person most likely to be next discovered unconscious in a bath tub) shames himself and his state by lowering flags for Whitney Houston, who was, in the end a bad example to his own children. He then tried to make up for it by vetoing a homosexual marriage law, but stumbled when it was revealed he had no idea why…

And while the Queers continue to march toward the cliff , the Personhood movement continues to go main-stream and gain momentum in the effort to stave off the fires of hell that threaten to consume even the most comfortable members of the child killing industry, (like the leadership of the American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists… ACOG – in the wheel of the death machine).

While Christianity is increasing seen as coming out of the closet in America, our brothers and sisters continue to be oppressed and killed in Iran and throughout the “wonderland” that is the Arab Spring. And we must all face the fact that Iran is threatening to export the enthusiasm of the Arab Spring via booby trap, missile, Hezbolla, Hamas, or any means necessary!

And there’s Amanda Knox and her $4M payday at the hands of the apostates at Harper Collins, government school teachers exposing youngsters to predators, an Al-Qaeda terrorist given life where death was required, a judge confused about who deserves the death penalty, proof that parents have not been taught how to properly train and discipline their children for at least 20 years, atheists who’ve forgotten that we’ve been down their well trodden path to destruction before, and crack heads with no fear of justice.

This is not you mother’s conservative talk show… or if it is, you should be listening to her! Enjoy the podcast below…