Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worlview: Patterns of Reality

As America’s most important conservative talk show we feel an obligation to bring you the BIG questions and the even BIGGER answers each week, and this week is no exception…

Find out why the Personhood Movement is the most significant social movement of your generation, why Brad Pitt’s mom & Joel Osteen epitomize everything wrong with RE-publicans and celebrities, why Jesse Jackson Jr. & convicted murderer Steven Hayes need some good old fashioned confession and biblical instruction, and why Katie Holmes may be justified in divorce so her daughter doesn’t end up running with hard-core “optional reality” types like Luka Magnotta.

You’ll hear whether or not the Higgs Boson, (or other protons, electrons and neutrons) was involved in the untimely, yet ultimately necessary death of Nobel prize winner Yasser Arafat, why a Christian can’t hand out Bibles at a gay pride parade, but criminals in Los Angeles can gun down a cook over nothing much at all, and how exposure to Barack Hussein Obama may have killed miss Ann Harris!

And you may be asking: is this summer what global warming looks like? And if so, why would DHS Secretary Jack Napolitano be shooting his mouth off about it? And did Barney Frank really have a fake wedding (to a man no less) in the cradle of homosexual “marriage… Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts? Say it ain’t so!

Well, sit back, take it easy, (actually you might went to stand up and assume a fighting position) and enjoy a conservative podcast that is not a Rush Limbot, nor has it been Hannitized. This is the Weekly Worldview with Doug McBurney…