Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host explain the insurrection in Black and White.

Discover the level of enemy infiltration from China via the “United Front” & “Confucius Institutes”, why John Kerry should be arrested, and what history tells us about those who tear down statues…

Black Live’s Matter’s own Hawk Newsome is allowed to threaten violence on CNN, even as mobs ambush the police, and rappers are gunned down in the street.

We’ll reveal how home-shcoolers can save us from the revolution, and how Barack Hussein Obama and Joe Biden started it with the Orwellian attack on Michael Flynn.

Witness another act of “Fauching” when it’s revealed what Anthony Fauci shouts in public versus what he quietly publishes, and why a doc on Italy’s COVID-19 “front-line” is hopeful about the future potential of this particular virus.

We’ll cover some rather prescient concerns regarding media from Dorothy Sayers in 1947, a gutsy speech by a Sheriff without a mask on, and nannies in Oregon bowing to the Marxist invaders.

Finally you’ll hear about Colin Kaepernick & Nike just losing, and who, between Mike Pence & South Dakota governor Kristi Noem, deserves to wear pants.

All this along with livestock events, “mask-ups” at the grocery store, roosters, fear, obsession & delusion.