Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as they expose the masquerade for what it is, what it was, and what it shall be.

You’ll here about idiot CEO’s calling for special masks for the vaccinated, idiot French president Macron running France into the ground, and the Oklahoma Abolition of Abortion Act, (and it’s pro-life industry detractors at Lifenews).

Seattle student council members want to legalize crime and dismantle the free market. Another “family detonation” reminds us that the “good ole’ days” days” weren’t always good. And why management at the Cartoon Network should be arrested and tried for child abuse.

The New England Journal of Medicine has sacrificed it’s scientific credibility on the alter of “gender politics. Xi Jinping is suffering dangerous bouts of paranoia on an executive level, and Chinese Communist Party spies have infiltrated everything American from the mid-level offices of Zoom, to the lowly office of Eric Swalwell.

We join PJ Media‘s Matt Margolis in calling for Andrew Cuomo to take a lie detector test regarding all of the women he’s molested. We endorse the recall of California governor Gavin Newsom. And we stand with Don Barnes, Sheriff of Orange County California, against the criminals and cowards in black robes insisting he release dangerous criminals.

We analyze a computer model that seems to indicate that we need to buy more Chinese face masks, and give our endorsement for president of Haiti to hard charging Marine Corps Sergeant Jaques Yves Sebastien Duroseau!

All that along with an eternal hope for Rush Limbaugh, condemnation of Edward Snowden and Julian Assange, impressions of non-binary idiots, voices of vacuous governing girls, terrified travelers, quick witted gate agents, mumblings of Andrew Cuomo & our best impression of one brilliant Southwest Airlines flight attendant.