Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as they expose the masquerade for what it is, what it was, and what it shall be. You’ll here about idiot CEO’s calling for special masks for the vaccinated, idiot French … Continue reading


The Big Bamboozle

Tune is to find out why America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host are sounding an alarm about those of some of reputation, and laughing out loud at others.

You’ll hear how Donald Trump is following the old RE-publican establishment playbook “Bush Style” when it comes to bamboozling the gullible evangelicals who put him in office, foolishly believing he might end abortion and stand up for Biblical family!

It’s getting so bad even Rush Limbaugh might consider why he abandoned the fight for innocent life after getting some laughs with his classic “caller abortion” bit.

We’ve got Baptists coming out for child killing, (as long as it’s done in a civilized manner, according to their rules), Mormons talking about valuing “everyone“, while introducing legislation that values only a few, and Russel Hunter calling for the common sense position of fighting for abolition.

Join us in reviewing reason number 1,192 to get or keep your kids out of the government schools, as they might be side-swiped by a drunken middle school teacher on the way to lunch, (not to mention the godlessness and the molestations).

In Virginia the Ruling Left Proctocracy apparently does not see the dark irony of making the punishment for killing a cop there… Life!

Another family detonation in Michigan that should have shocked the nation was a mere blip even in the local press as a mom apparently killed her children and herself.

And our long call for a national DNA database took another step forward last week despite the hysteria of the bathhouse and crystal meth crowd, er, we mean the press…

While we were paying attention to other things it appears NASA’s mission shifted from exploring space and doing science to chasing after ancient alien theorists, or something like that.

And taxpayers lulled into foolishly giving the government more money than they owe all year, and then getting a big refund, without interest, and less any inflation, (and then somehow being happy about that) are upset that the reduction in tax rates appears to have reduced their refunds, (among other factors we presume are far too complex to comprehend, so we reserve the right to complain if it turns out they just got taxed more, which is entirely possible under the current tax code).

And finally we celebrate the impending collapse of the Ruling Left Dictatorship in Venezuela so we can help dispatch that pile of murderous crooks and get on to putting down the socialists right here at home.

All that along with the Hard Left, DNA sampling in the home, and the bird whisperer on the alleged benefits of chocolate.



A Republic… if You Can Keep It.

And the words of Mr. Franklin have rarely been more prescient as your host and his extremely attractive audio engineer unwrap the stories and scandals of the week with their unique brand of conservative talk.

We have a trans-gendered “white male” Timothy Boatwright upsetting the dykes at at Wellesley, thousands of phony college credits at UNC (calling to mind the old analogy about the one cockroach you see…) and UN-experts in Detroit speaking for the poor welfare victims who just don’t understand why their water gets turned off if they don’t pay the bill!

We have Hillary Clinton accidentally swerving into the truth about where the expertise around “creating jobs” exists, Ebola Czar Ron Klain expressing his concern for “global population & resource demands“, opium poppy production at an all time high amongst the savage pagans in Afghanistan, ISIS getting weapons from their benefactor in the White House, and the deaths of two Marines and too few “boots on the ground” in Iraq.

Mark Steyn took another giant step toward his destiny to replace Rush Limbaugh, pointing out the vacuity of secular multiculturalism as it relates to “disaffected youth” like Michael Bibeau the Ottawa Islamic Attacker, and the three teenage girls from Denver caught hopping a plane to go and fight for ISIS. (And with all the fence jumpers at the White House, maybe the Islamic State will hoist their pirate flag there, if only for a moment, sooner than anyone thinks…)

Then there’s reason number 830 to get or keep your kids out of the government schools, (they may be shot by fellow students), a Michigan teenager on meds stabbing her family, the Pope foreshadowing the repeal of all punishment, and the legalization of all crime as our representative form of government (in the church and state alike), slouches toward its inevitable end.

Case in point: The British Justice system is set to free a triple cop killer of whom the judge at the time, (1966) said he thought would never be released. But he is to be released. And with him hell and death… Hear the kind of conservative talk that makes all the sense in the world at the podcast below!