Political Manslaughter

Join us this week as your host and his extremely attractive audio engineer scale the climbs of conservative talk to heights previously unknown!

We’ll talk about Jesse Jackson and Dennis Rodman as “exhibit A” in the case for the fall of man and the need for salvation…

And the evidence continues to mount as we delve into the story of two creeps who give horrifying new meaning to the term “first responders“, “The Holder Effect” on the racist “Knockout Game” that Eric Holder, Barry HO and crew tolerate, Gansta Thugs abusing kids, posting it to YouTube, and then feeling bad that the story got out, and a lawyer in a filthy robe who snatched the kids out of the loving home of a Texas home-school family.

James Dobson supports politicians who kill children, and laws that regulate precisely how and when certain kids can be legally murdered, but he insists he will not do it himself! Forgive us if we don’t stand up and cheer…

Then on to the politics file where we find Democrats and Re-publicans agreeing to abandon any fiscal restraint and falling in love with each other all over again.

We examine the case of a New Jersey woman who may have died as a result of a political payback game being played prominent New Jersey politicians, how legal dope dealers in Colorado may be in for more than they bargained for when the original dope dealers get down to business. Dope is a dirty business…

A report indicates China may have surpassed America as the worlds largest trading nation and your host attributes their material success in part to Proverbs 14, Al Qaeda continues to win the war, and Edward Snowden admits he is guilty of the largest theft of secrets in American History, and your host calls once again for his summary execution.

Do you think you might have ADHD? Well, ADHD is a lie! You might want to get a physical & have your eyes checked before you fill that scrip for Adderall!

And finally, on the Personhood front… (and we don’t mean “personhood theory” as popularized by the humanist, utilitarian mad dog killers tenured in our universities, we mean Personhood as God intended it) we elucidate the stories of Jahi McMath, Ariel Sharon, and a Utah woman shamelessly pregnant with her own granddaughter!

It’s a quite a serious, but often funny and even poignant romp through the stories to which other conservative talkers just can’t do justice! So give a careful listen to the podcast below!