The Truth About Mind Control

Join America’s 3rd wittiest conservative talker as he and his extremely attractive audio engineer shred!

We hear from the National Enquirer that OJ Simpson doesn’t want to die in prison. While from other sources we learn (sadly) that Willie Robertson is no Phil Robertson, that allowing the Palestinian Authority to set up an embassy leads to things blowing up, and that the pile of heathens swearing in communist mayor Bill deBlasio may have found the Bible, but they miss the point.

Meanwhile, a different kind of mayor in Flower Mount Texas has declared 2014 The Year of the Bible! Despite this; California will allow sexual deviants of all stripes choose which bathrooms to defile, a product of the Just-aSystem’s “catch and release” program murdered a priest in Humboldt County, and Barry Ho’s own neighborhood was shot up in a drive by

The infuriating death of Claire Davis at the hands of another school-yard killer weighs heavily on the minds of parents everywhere. And while we sympathize with the family’s devastation, we take issue with the pastor who told them they had the authority to forgive the murderer.

And here in the Mile High Denver Metro area a two year old accidentally ate a legal pot-laced cookie and ended up in the hospital. If you are for legalizing drugs we cannot agree to disagree. We don’t like you, and we can’t be friends…

Join us and listen to an insightful analysis of the story of a nurse fired for refusing a flu vaccine, and Doug’s “evolving” position on vaccines…

Hear about the continued undermining of marriage; this time by Judge Rita in Manhattan, and how 60% of American’s have fallen victim to the “mind control” of the Darwinian big bangers, but about a third of us have yet to lose our minds and still believe in special creation.

We’re pleased to announce right here on the Worldview that Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis has announced a debate on origins with Bill Nye…. the science guy?

And we wish smooth sailing to the US Coast Guard as the first world, (that’s America) is finally called upon by the “developing” world, (that’s Russia and China) to rescue the global warming geeks stuck in the Antarctic ice!

We mourn the loss of every life in the Iraq war, and pray for God’s blessings upon the United Stated Marine Corps as Fallujah falls back into the hands of Al-Qaeda…

And finally we hear from Doug and “Alex Jones” on the subject of government funded mind control experiments in the Soviet Union and, funny as it sounds… in the “civilized” world as well.

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