Robbing the End of the World

Join America’s most attractive audio and her host for tales of Alchemy, common trust, common sense, robbery and the end of the world.

We’ll ask about Mitch McConnell’s financial ties with the Chinese Communist Party via his wife Elaine, the execution of a Chinese asset manager, and Hunter Biden’s brazen refusal to divest himself of his Chinese equities. And we won’t get an answer as the criminal gang who seized power in 2020 is unaccountable for the moment…

We will wonder aloud why Beyonce’s murdered cousin deserves to have his name in the news while the name of a Polish man (incapacitated by a heart attack, and then slowly murdered by starvation and thirst for thirteen days by his wife, the European Court of Human Rights and the National Health Service of the formerly Great Britain) is verboten!

We’ll look in on the celebration over at Ms Magazine over the murder of sixty-five million innocent American children, the Ames, Iowa school district’s week of queering the student body, and the epidemic of murder suicide tearing apart the fabric of our Domestic Tranquility.

Find out why the open season on law enforcement reveals the rot of both the Insurrection and the urinalists reporting on it.

Hear about the latest sworn testimony, (of doctors about their factual, actual treatment of patients) “disappeared” by the Big Tech Ministry of Truth, Anthony Fauci, the highest paid perjurer in the federal bureaucracy, and whether or not the experts agree that wearing four masks is better than two!

All this, along with how to spot a “Face-Shield”, the humor of author Charles Mackay, Early retirement with COVID Hysteria Syndrome, fear and loathing at the hardware store, and who you can trust with all your information, (even the bad stuff).