Back to Reality

Now that the fake elections are over listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host point out some things you can believe in.

Retailer Target has a target on their back in the eyes of organized retail theft gangs. Somebody must have so much to hide in Ukraine they’re willing to destroy the whole place. And even some baptists are losing touch with the reality that punishing people for killing children is merciful.

And because the Christians have lost their salt, the heathen is ascendant, meaning more murder suicide, more child killing, and the more kids who survive all that start thinking about killing themselves.

NBC has suspended a reporter for violating their reporting standards by reporting the facts, Mitch McConnell just wants to get along with Joe Biden for his birthday, and in Colorado Adam Frisch conceded to Lauren Boebert, proving you can’t steal all the elections all the time.

Half the conservatives running for School Board across America endorsed by “Moms for Liberty” were defeated despite the lock-downs having fully exposed the rot of the government schools. And one mom asks why the dirty books are still in her kid’s school. A better question would be why’s your kid still there?

L.A. D.A. George Gascon and Sheriff Alex Villanueva should both be arrested for aiding and abetting in the case of the police cadets mowed down last week by Nicolas Joseph Gutierrez! While L.A. County health officials are recommending face coverings again, (this time perhaps for when committing a crime).

In Scotland neonatal deaths have more than doubled since the vax, but the vax has already been eliminated as a suspect by “Experts.”

Male fertility is crashing, Sammy Bankman Fried and the Millennial Work Ethic are ascendant, and climate change struck again in the form of a snowstorm in Buffalo.

The religion of peace is actually an organized crime operation dressed up as a religion, and weaponized against the innocent, (especially Christian women like Rhoda Ta’u in Nigeria).

All that plus mass murder in Idaho, more famous vaxxers with colds, and while those who invite children to a drag at a night club should not be slaughtered by a heathen maniac without a trial… such invitations should still be a crime.






Broad Daylight

Tune in to America’s most attractive audio engineer for an unflinching look at the news of the week, the opportunities at hand, and the way back from here.

ANTIFA terrorists are making deals with the government. Gen Z has the same old anxieties we all did, just with more psychobabble and less God. And the same medical establishment that collapsed the treatment of respiratory infections back to the dark ages want to make the perverse seem normal by changing the language, (and soon the mechanics) of pregnancy.

We’ll discuss post abortive commentary and voting patterns, The Canadian government sponsored attempted homicide of  “unvaccinated” Sheila Lewis, and the Chinese communist’s insatiable appetite for lock-down hysteria.

Hear how homeschooling continues to boom, civility in airline travel has been replaced by a false sense of security, and how decent, productive people are being forced to grovel before the high priests of the climate cult.

These days elections appear to be decided by those not paying attention at all, and those paying too much attention to cheatingstealing. In Britain the ones who we thought were the heroes are selling out to the Chinese communists for a bowl gruel, and in Brazil, we call on the military to arrest the communist felon who finally proved democracy is no longer a viable way to select who governs.

All that plus a prison sentence, (and fine) for posting Genesis 1:27, McConnell and McCarthy rubbing our noses in it and masking up for show, (or something)…





Robbing the End of the World

…how to spot a “Face-Shield”, the humor of author Charles Mackay, Early retirement & COVID Hysteria Syndrome, fear and loathing at the hardware store, and who you can trust with your information, (even the bad stuff).

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