Once in a Lifetime!

America’s most attractive audio engineer returns with her host to a world one or two steps closer to insanity.

Find out why truffles will be better in the next life, hear about a real and present danger to trannies, and discover the tale of a twelve year-old girl who took Uber to her suicide.

Hear Donald Trump praise Pete Buttigieg and other homos. Speaking of homos, did the storm chasing homo “proposal” gross you out too? And speaking of gross, what’s with Gillette putting trannies in their ads?

We’ll check in with Lorne Michaels on the precise terms of his contract with Satan, and the #metoo (#himtoo) movement.

And then for some SCIENCE! (Really)? as ETs are set to replace God with the stupid, dumb idiot set, and yet another missing link has allegedly been found!

Find out why the birth of a submarine volcano could simply never be observed on a 4,543,000,000 year old planet, (but it is being observed right now on earth)!

Hear the story of where all the water on the earth came from if you are a completely irrational imbecile.

Fifty dead in Chicago… Just another weekend you ask? No. these are fifty prostitutes who’s deaths may be linked, (by something other than prostitution).

Speaking of prostitution, the same San Fran pol who was passed around by a number of the political men of her generation in the Bay Area Kamala “Camel Hairs” Harris wants to actually legalize the means by which she built her political career, namely: prostitution!

75% of college students support murdering an innocent person to solve a problem in all or most cases. The other 25% only sometimes. No word yet as to where on the “pro-choice” spectrum the mass murderer in Virginia Beach fell. And the mass killer in Darwin Australia appears to have been in favor of killing about four, but may qualify as “Pro-Life” since he was apparently at the very least ambivalent about killing over seven and a half billion other people.

And finally while the nascent government of Iraq knows that Islamic State fighters and their supporters must be killed, the Fifth Republic piled atop France apparently believes in inflicting the death penalty they deserve upon others.

All that and stupidity vs robotics behind the wheel and other pithy comments of interest and amusement at the podcast below.



The Obscene, the Scared and the Optimistic

This week America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host span the globe & beyond for the stories that really matter, (at least to them).

We’ll analyze claims from the Chinese that they have a “LASER rifle” that can set the enemies of the people on fire from half a mile away… really?

We’ll go underground with experts pitching ideas from escaping the increasingly severe flooding Global Climate Change will produce by, you guessed it… going underground! (And we might be able to figure out how to park cars down there too).

Then there are the Uber drivers who choose to strike rather than just move on with their lives, the bums in L.A. infecting the police tasked with humoring them, and a story about DNA from 17,000 years ago that just doesn’t pass the sniff (ie math) test.

We’ll go to Pennsylvania for reason number 1,197 to get or keep your children out of the government schools, (because even when they could say God Bless America, they didn’t really mean it).

Listen in for confirmation of your hosts admonition of the Anti-Semitic press, the dangers of dud LED lightbulb induced darkness in Detroit, and to Massachusetts, where the release of a so called “innocent man” convicted of rape in 1987 has led to the rape of another, (yet the lawyers who freed him tell us that’s OK).

Asia Bibi has escaped the death sentence in Pakistan for a life of fear of death at the hand of Moslems in Canada.

Donald Trump called unrepentant adulterer Tiger Woods a “symbol of America” as he pinned a medal on him, (and we agree).

The Pornography and resultant rampant sexual immorality that some want to give lip service as a public health crisis is actually fatal and spreading.

And we’ll check in with thoughts about a defiant punk in Florida with a dirty bumper-sticker on his car and the cop who arrested, (and we wish would have night sticked) him.

All that and mass shootings, mad mullahs, heroism, shame, terror and bias in the mainstream media… really!