The Who

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as they examine the who, and the why by which the current crisis shall not end.

The UnSecretary’s UnPolicy brief envisions a global communist revolution born of the Panic of 2020, and at this rate he’s going to get it. But at least over at Trader Joe’s they found the last few drops of testosterone remaining in the Western World and told the cancel culture to shove it!

We check the status of domestic tranquility across the land and bring you two lesbians beating innocent 4 year old Stetson Blackburn to death, 2 year old Antonio Hicks Jr. beaten to death by Antonio Hicks Sr. over tensions surrounding potty training, and Anti-Abortion students arrested for writing “Black Pre-born Lives Matter” on the street… with chalk.

Isis is calling for arson attacks in America. Sweden has dealt with their epidemic of Coronavirus. Almost half the poor in Mumbai have already had, (and survived) the Coronavirus, and gives us 6 reasons why wearing masks in public is anything but harmless.

In Portland Marxist rioters, often referred to by “journalists”, (often referred to by us as “urinalists”), as “demonstrators” or “protesters” are burning Bibles and American flags in the street. Leftist Seattle radio host Paul Gallant has gone from “Chill Dawg”, to I need to buy a firearm after rioters targeted his building with an attempted arson.

The Fauching continues as Anthony “Faulty” Fauci is now suggesting goggles right now, and face masks from now until (apparently) the end of time, including the upcoming flu season.

All this as the mayor of Washington DC, Muriel Bowser exempts democrats attending John Lewis’s funeral, (and other magically virus proof “essential travelers”) from her ludicrous quarantine order, and Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti broke into their own business in an attempt to go back to work, despite the tryrannical order not to work from New Jersey governor Phil “somebody murph this guy” Murphy.

We check in on the state of justice in the land, featuring 48 time convict Larone DeShawn Charles, who has finally murdered someone. While in federal court judge Rogiree Thompson has thrown out the death penalty for the Boston Marathon bomber!

It turns out that Ellen Degeneres’ producer Kevin Leman is sicko pervert, Netflix wants to corrupt your mind with tranny propaganda, and Chicago mayor (and elderly pug look alike) Lori Lightfoot is presiding over more wanton killing and mayhem than any mayor before her, (even amongst the police she has undermined).

All this and a duckling report, who and why with the masks and all, the voice of Anthony Fauci with advice on what to do if you can’t find those goggles, and air travel in the age of the Coronavirus hysteria.



Just an Industry

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer as she provides musical salve to the wounds inflicted on the body politic by the industrial churn maiming all that is good and right.

Join us in Chicago where between pitched street battles for gangland supremecy, politician Willie Wilson shows us what American democracy really looks like by handing out wads of cash at post christian churches, (no need for any pesky foreign meddling).

Fly to Mars with the atheists trying to find a puddle in which to hide from God.

Visit Parkland Florida where the survivors are killed and eaten.

And then on to South Texas where the band directors deal in child pornography, and the “Just-a-System” just churns them right on through

Visit Anytown USA where the pension crisis is now upon us and might just “trim” everybody’s bank account, despite the promises of the known liars who sold it in the first place.

Discover why the animated show “Rick and Morty” is the next signpost on the road to the Apocalypse, (and how it’s creators’ minds are even more twisted and warped that the show’s content would make you think).

The Dallas Mavericks say they will accede to the #me too movement by covering up a bit of their cheerleader’s flesh next season.

We’ll revisit the “Mother of All Battles”, Iranian style, (“Mother of All Wars“), and hear why the homos in Israel are whining about Benjamin Netanyahu not allowing them to adopt and molest children, (even after he promised).

We will discuss the Islamic Terror attack in Toronto that seems to have escaped the attention of just about everyone…

You’ll learn how sexual immorality led to the Traders Joe’s standoff, and why Wisconsinites might have trade in their Cheese Heads for paper sacks as they pony up to pay for government funded sex change operations!

All this and the search for a bloodless, painless, trauma free means of killing livestock.