Humiliation & Total Depravity

This week America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host document a particular line of descent from Georgy Lukacs right down to Rick and Morty.

Join Californians in watching their drought ending rainfall wash into the sea, Al Qaeda in watching America’s dysfunctional transportation system, and the rest of us watching as person, after person, after person, after person, after person, after person, after person, after person, after person drops dead, or collapses (especially athletes)!

Meanwhile, Pfizer’s homework in regards to to all these seemingly connected casualties is noticeably late. And everyone on antidepressants should just try doing something good for another person so the next generation doesn’t fall for the ole “chemical imbalance” story like yours did, and escape the pharmaceutical plantation that will come of the “obesity is a brain disease” lie.

There aren’t too many proud Americans left, (and with good reason). The pro-life industry has abandoned defending the right to life in favor of legislating the ridiculous. And in Japan theĀ  humiliation of the justice system by the psycho-pharmaceutical complex is all but complete.

Justin Roiland should have been arrested for creating his filthy, ugly cartoons, but instead we had to wait for him to beat up his girlfriend. Meanwhile Roiland’s fan base is busy castrating themselves to they can party without pro-creating, (or having to navigate the “pro-life” rules around killing unborn children).

The Marxist’s who introduced “sex-ed” to government schools, for the purpose of toppling Christian values East and west have seized another government in Brazil, the universities from the Ivy League to the party schools, and have collapsed the Hegelian dialectic down to an obsessive dialog between their sexual identity, and sexual preference.

All that plus psychopath’s and shopping carts, teacher’s quitting schools in order to teach, and how the mainstreaming of ugly made us all less human.



The Thin Veneer

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host expose the low darkness lurking just under the surface of the high and bright, smiling faces of those entrusted with preserving civilization.

We’ll discuss the fact that bureaucrats think the the three lettered bureaucracies they serve are god, but in fact they are not. Murder suicide is becoming almost as common as anniversary dinners. And Franklin Graham does not understand that Christianity cannot co-exist publicly alongside homosexual marriage.

Kanye West and Alex Jones have confirmed our position that they are not to be listened to. Child molesters and sex perverts have apparently seized the justice system in America and Canada alike. And the New England Journal of Medicine now advocates for the perverts and not for medicine.

Hillary Clinton states plainly that anyone who’s a friend of God or innocent children is an enemy of hers. Prosecutors in England have stated that the Bible is no longer appropriate in their opinion. And in Holland suicidal idiot children will attempt to seize and close farms unless some of the adults stand up and stop them.

Millions, in every city in Brazil continues to call for the overturning of an election so obviously stolen as to be reminiscent of 2020 in the swing states. Edward Snowden turns out to be a good old fashioned Russian spy. An ISIS terrorist in Seattle will be composing letter and books in prison for a few years before getting out, (what could go wrong with that)?

And finally Apple turns out to be most powerful intelligence asset the Chinese Communist Party has these days. Iran has announced the end of the “morality police” who have harassed men, while raping and murdering women for 40 years. (Could the regime finally crack up and answer the prayers of millions)? And America’s has finally escaped the long dark shadow of World Cup Soccer, but not yet the consequences of Sammy Bankman Fried.





Join America’s most attractive audio engineer as she and her host close out the long Thanksgiving weekend with a look back on what went right, and a look ahead to stop it from going wrong.

Hearken back with us to William Bradford, the pilgrims, and the Indians – when real men knew why they got down on their knees.

But now a good old fashioned bank robbery is our respite from the tax man, the COVID tyrants, and the leftist nanny lawyers who drugged a generation and led America even as low as to defile herself with soccer!

Meanwhile in Brazil the criminal gang of communists and perverts who seized the world in 2020 pushed it a little to far, and are about to get a lesson in governance by the military that we’d be wise to note in Arizona.

And has the devil finally overplayed his hand in China? Or will his minions protect the CCP Covidians in their tyranny and Christian persecution like they did at Tienanmen in 1989?

Back at the ranch in America the same rulers in the Bible Belt who can’t remember how to execute a murderer, also don’t remember they have laws against child molesters.

The American electorate is nearing “majority pervert” status, while New England is busy re-electing trannies!

The Club Q killer in Colorado is forcing the justice system to bow to his pronouns, you can’t go shopping anymore without a fear of getting shot, and leftist agitators are advocating for the very leftist reforms that get them killed.

All that plus whatever happened to the 400th anniversary of Thanksgiving, stoners shooting for the moon, and how we started the gig economy without even trying very hard!