The Thin Veneer

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host expose the low darkness lurking just under the surface of the high and bright, smiling faces of those entrusted with preserving civilization.

We’ll discuss the fact that bureaucrats think the the three lettered bureaucracies they serve are god, but in fact they are not. Murder suicide is becoming almost as common as anniversary dinners. And Franklin Graham does not understand that Christianity cannot co-exist publicly alongside homosexual marriage.

Kanye West and Alex Jones have confirmed our position that they are not to be listened to. Child molesters and sex perverts have apparently seized the justice system in America and Canada alike. And the New England Journal of Medicine now advocates for the perverts and not for medicine.

Hillary Clinton states plainly that anyone who’s a friend of God or innocent children is an enemy of hers. Prosecutors in England have stated that the Bible is no longer appropriate in their opinion. And in Holland suicidal idiot children will attempt to seize and close farms unless some of the adults stand up and stop them.

Millions, in every city in Brazil continues to call for the overturning of an election so obviously stolen as to be reminiscent of 2020 in the swing states. Edward Snowden turns out to be a good old fashioned Russian spy. An ISIS terrorist in Seattle will be composing letter and books in prison for a few years before getting out, (what could go wrong with that)?

And finally Apple turns out to be most powerful intelligence asset the Chinese Communist Party has these days. Iran has announced the end of the “morality police” who have harassed men, while raping and murdering women for 40 years. (Could the regime finally crack up and answer the prayers of millions)? And America’s has finally escaped the long dark shadow of World Cup Soccer, but not yet the consequences of Sammy Bankman Fried.




Sgt. Pepper’s

America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host open without apology, perform without excuse and then exit stage right.

A gun buy back illustrates the line separating bureaucrats from entrepreneurs, a Tulsa Public Schools teacher illustrates reason # 1,999 to get or keep your kids out of the government schools, and the same people who told it was OK butcher innocent children, are now holding the children hostage to fear in the public school buildings.

But the crew at disntr know the score, (even if they’re a bit uncomfortable announcing it).

Howard Stern came out of his crypt to symbolically take the baby boomer generation to an interminable dinner with Jimmy Kimmel. Kanye West is a civilized Christian, but he’s not as talented, or as bright as Tucker Carlson seems to thinks he is.

Waukesha Christmas Parade killer Darrell Brooks should be put to death for contempt of court.

Gavin Newsom and Judge Leanne Le Mon should be arrested for aiding and abetting child rape, Masterpiece Cake Shop’s Jack Phillips is right, but his lawyers are forbidden to say it, and a mentally disturbed woman is funding her mutilation by streaming her mutilation on social media.

There was a Day Care center Massacre in Thailand that barely made the news, Elon Musk might be a CCP member, Zelensky is calling for a first strike, Biden can see Armageddon through the brain fog and an elite pile of criminally insane sex perverts seem hell bent on provoking WWIII.

All that plus achievement tests at the old homeschool, Joe Satriani vs Steve Vai, who is Sgt Peppers anyway? And more…



Just War

This week America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host examine what we get when we¬† don’t make Just War …

Discover how the founder of Greenpeace and the modern Christian answer to the same God, and how the slaughter of police, mothers, and more mothers, in the cities, in the towns and even whole families can be laid at the feet of cowardice.

The youth run wild, the feminists get their transgendered wish, and the parents are forced to sue in civil court for the criminal abuse of their children!

Pray for Kanye West.

And at the Venice Film Festival they are giving the End of Days a standing ovation.

What will it take…