Join America’s most attractive audio engineer as she and her host close out the long Thanksgiving weekend with a look back on what went right, and a look ahead to stop it from going wrong.

Hearken back with us to William Bradford, the pilgrims, and the Indians – when real men knew why they got down on their knees.

But now a good old fashioned bank robbery is our respite from the tax man, the COVID tyrants, and the leftist nanny lawyers who drugged a generation and led America even as low as to defile herself with soccer!

Meanwhile in Brazil the criminal gang of communists and perverts who seized the world in 2020 pushed it a little to far, and are about to get a lesson in governance by the military that we’d be wise to note in Arizona.

And has the devil finally overplayed his hand in China? Or will his minions protect the CCP Covidians in their tyranny and Christian persecution like they did at Tienanmen in 1989?

Back at the ranch in America the same rulers in the Bible Belt who can’t remember how to execute a murderer, also don’t remember they have laws against child molesters.

The American electorate is nearing “majority pervert” status, while New England is busy re-electing trannies!

The Club Q killer in Colorado is forcing the justice system to bow to his pronouns, you can’t go shopping anymore without a fear of getting shot, and leftist agitators are advocating for the very leftist reforms that get them killed.

All that plus whatever happened to the 400th anniversary of Thanksgiving, stoners shooting for the moon, and how we started the gig economy without even trying very hard!