Happens All the Time…

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host review the things that never happened before and happen all the time.

We predict that history will reveal that is was a Supreme Court Justice herself who leaked the draft opinion on Roe, and hear how in America circa 2022 the “conservative media” can be outraged about the president’s press secretary’s connections to CNN, but are not allowed to remark upon her being a child abusing sex pervert!

And from there we continue our coverage of how we got here, starting in Colorado where a mom was prevented from reading aloud to the school board from a book they made available to her child, (because it was just too dirty), and where a 12 year old was lured to be groomed by the perverts allowed to lurk with intent to creep at her government school.

Hear about the suicide of 16 year old “Toddlers in Tiaras” star Kailia Posey and her mother’s sad & deplorable social media post about it.

Come to Texas where the ruling class is aware of the criminal abuse of public school children, but lack the moral certitude to act appropriately, to Cal State where an alleged professor of history is allowed to rewrite about 5000 years worth, and to Brett Kavanaugh’s house, where the people for whom he’s spent a lifetime administering justice no longer respect the rule of law.

We’ll discuss the shocking nature of the possible overturning of Roe, and the sad fact that the overturning will not make killing children illegal.

Find out about a new file at the Worldview: the “Another Death Attributable to the Policies of Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon” file, (or the “Death to Gascon” file for short).

Almost half the pastors who should resign in America considered doing so last year, a mother in Pennsylvania killed her kids without consideration of Roe, and in Tennessee the governor’s lack of confidence in knowing right from wrong is keeping alive a murderer on death row since 1990.

We’ll take you to Buffalo where another one of those things that never used to happen, (another massacre at the grocery store) happened, like those things happen now… pretty much all the time.

These stories and the irony of a baby formula shortage in a country where the right to have a dead baby, (let alone one who is hungry) is a religious sacrament, The Rescue Movement, Let’s Go Brandon vs the Marxists, and how anyone paying attention should have known to separate from Disney over a decade ago.




That’s Entertainment!

Listen as America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host provide your weekly alternative to entertainment.

Hear how the Daily Wire plans to fight Disney’s criminally insane behavior, why college students are scared to take off the masks, why some 4th grade teachers , upon due conviction, need to be executed, and just what prominent politicians are desperate to keep hidden.

We’ll check in on Madison Cawthorn’s credible allegations against his colleagues in D.C., (and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s telling response).

Hear Volodymyr Zelensky’s defense of all things Soros, The Oregon Medical Board on who they want to kill next, and how the theft of the 2020 election has been proven beyond statistical question in what could be the last peer reviewed study ever!

By the way, the same Supreme Court Justices who would not hear the election fraud cases of the several states are falling all over each other to weigh in on the entertainment value, (and maybe even the legality) of an Andy Warhol painting of Prince!

The Director of the CIA is an operative of the Chinese Communist Party.

The Chinese Communist Navy now rules the Pacific Ocean.

The Communist Chinese propaganda machine is enforcing it’s will via Tik Tok, tick-tock, tick-tock… as the countdown continues.

Scientists have announced that once again they’ve “de-coded” a part of the Human Genome and called it the whole thing! Kamala Harris is speaking a foreign language again while using English words, and the writings and career of  Miai Niguel Hoskins personifies being hit in the face with a cat!

All that and coughing on hysterical maskers, b-list Hollywood slaps, and the impending infliction upon us of even more Sarah Palin!




This week America’s most attractive audio engineer bumps her host through all the news and finds opportunity to laugh anyway.

Hear about the seizure of elicit crude by American forces from the forces of darkness, (Iran and Venezuela).

We resist the urge to label the assault and robbery of Kristine Tracy as “black vs white”, (same with the murder of Cannon Hinnant).

Find out how to get to heaven, and how to not….

We again assert our suspicion of governance by lawyers and bureaucratic “experts” as we reveal ambitions to randomly spike the water supply with psychoactive drugs, and the hand-over of James Younger to his deviant, evil mother for sexual mutilation and psycho-spiritual abuse.

And the Queering of America continues unabated by either pandemic or insurrection, (in fact going on hand in hand with both) as both Disney and the Hallmark Channel perpetrate criminal sexual abuse against all who dare watch.

Speaking of watching, pervert teachers in the godless government schools are concerned that  parents might just overhear the abuse of their children during “distance learning” sessionssssssssssss.

Come with us to New Zealand to experience a future of fear and lock-down, to Kansas where the Secretary of Health “proved” mandatory mask mandates prevent the spread by manipulating a chart and lying about it, and to Connecticut, where a mask designed to save a prisoner ended up being the death of him!

We’ve got Math professors, (with an interest in diversity and equity in mathematics education) claiming math is not objective, City council members holding business owners hostage via immorall property taxes, and a security fence going up in South Dakota where in the past ordinary American men could have done the job (of protecting Governor Kristi Noem).

Will the Mortgage Crisis of 2021 be bigger than the crisis of ’08?

Learn the history of ANTIFA, the true heart of the leadership at Black Lives Matter, and the strictly violent intent of the insurgents of the Youth Liberation Front.

Rioters have finally torn down George Washington, the town of Bellmawr has freed Atilis Gym from being tax collectors, and for the time being, we’ll all have deal with lots of press coverage of Joe & ‘da ho!

All this and a dream about Trump and Anderson Cooper, Gavin Newsom and the new Black Robed Priesthood in the courts of California, face mask hypocrisy and why limited human interaction is for the most part preferable in these most interesting of times.