Summer of Blood

What would America’s most attractive audio engineer do if her host ever returned? Listen in to discover exactly that and more! Lots more, (more than you bargained for).

Leave aside our hopes for self driving cars and self farming tractors for the moment as we elucidate the bald faced lies interspersed amongst the facts of the Mars Curiosity Rover’s discovery of organic materials, an American Attorney General quoting the Bible, and Donald Trump’s taking of the Mark alongside Justin Trudeau, Christine Legarde & Angela Merkel!

And welcome to the brave new world, where liberals apologize for the “sin” of eating Chick-Fil-A, the communist Chinese discover they were lied to about their population by those same American liberals, and legal abortion in Ireland was made even more legal with the encouragement of their homosexual prime minister.

It’s a world that has not hated blood, (nor even petty crime) and is therefore pursued by blood at every turn, with every affair, with every accusation of adultery, with every act of adultery with every assertion that girls can do anything boys can do, with every petty burglary by teenaged boys, with every shoplifting incident, and every fit of road rage.

It’a world beset by family detonations and mom’s suicide. By trannies out on ledges and molesters in the scouts!

And it’s a world where we see that if you refuse to bow like your leaders do, whether at the “pride” parade where the deviants demand you at least celebrate, if not participate in their perversion, you’ll lose your license. maybe your job, and maybe someday your life!

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