The Great Reset

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host for an hour or so, and find out what’s happening this week & how to survive the coming catastrophe!

The US Army is attacking Climate Change, while America is at war with Robert Malone, MD & under attack by a spike protein unleashed by the biggest, dumbest experiment ever. And forget changing definitions; White House chief hysteric Rochelle Walensky has gone hysterical and and completely thrown out the definition of “mild”, when it comes to the latest bug going around.

In Canada they’ll take away your kids if you’re divorced and unvaccinated, in England they’ll drum you out of medicine for saying “It’s a girl!”, and in a federal Prison in Michigan a child molester finally got the death penalty he so sorely deserved.

The pedophiles will be ascendant as long as the normal people allow it, someone needs to remind the Christians that pornography should be illegal, and back in Canada, Justin Trudeau is acting like the bastard child of Fidel Castro…

Artur Pawlowski is in jail again, (this time he was going out to speak to the Freedom Blockade), and speaking of freedom; if you are not willing to die for it, you won’t be able to pass it on to your grandchildren.

All that plus C.S. Lewis and “The Great Divorce“, and how to reset your own life before it’s too late.







Emergencies Real & Imagined

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as they sort out what to fear.

We’ll begin with space aliens and national security vs the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army and Taiwan, and then check in with the COVID panic machine now operating primarily out of India, via the plausibly criminally liable, and undeniably power drunk Anthony Fauci.

John Kerry is now twice a traitor against America.

California is using “emergency regulations” to once again release tens of thousands of criminals upon her citizens while ignoring ANTIFA’s plans to actually kill innocent people.

And in Minneapolis: Dylan Shakespeare Robinson, (who should have been shot dead as he lit the police station on fire), instead made a deal with prosecutors by which he will basically get away with it.

But there remain a few men in the land who will not sit by helplessly as the insurrection rages.

Punk Rock met Heathen Rock to express their unrepentant annoyance at the destruction they themselves wrought against the civilization they now see collapsing.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski’s paperwork is just about in order so Justin Trudeau’s Gestapo can begin the show trial.

While in the formerly Great Britain reading the Bible aloud is now a criminal offense.

The return to “normal” continues as we all absorb more massacres and see police officers murdered left, right, & center.

All this and ANTIFA at Cinco de Mayo, liberals on the Supreme Court, vaccine bullying, the Sandinista raid on Rudy Giuliani, and examining our likely misguided perceptions of comfort, obligation, entertainment, leisure & sin.





Summer of Blood

What would America’s most attractive audio engineer do if her host ever returned? Listen in to discover exactly that and more! Lots more, (more than you bargained for).

Leave aside our hopes for self driving cars and self farming tractors for the moment as we elucidate the bald faced lies interspersed amongst the facts of the Mars Curiosity Rover’s discovery of organic materials, an American Attorney General quoting the Bible, and Donald Trump’s taking of the Mark alongside Justin Trudeau, Christine Legarde & Angela Merkel!

And welcome to the brave new world, where liberals apologize for the “sin” of eating Chick-Fil-A, the communist Chinese discover they were lied to about their population by those same American liberals, and legal abortion in Ireland was made even more legal with the encouragement of their homosexual prime minister.

It’s a world that has not hated blood, (nor even petty crime) and is therefore pursued by blood at every turn, with every affair, with every accusation of adultery, with every act of adultery with every assertion that girls can do anything boys can do, with every petty burglary by teenaged boys, with every shoplifting incident, and every fit of road rage.

It’a world beset by family detonations and mom’s suicide. By trannies out on ledges and molesters in the scouts!

And it’s a world where we see that if you refuse to bow like your leaders do, whether at the “pride” parade where the deviants demand you at least celebrate, if not participate in their perversion, you’ll lose your license. maybe your job, and maybe someday your life!

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