Listen in to hear how America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host are dealing with reality.

It’s back to school in Virginia for reason 2,014 to keep your kids out. It’s into the weeds as the Daily Caller entertains House Minority Whip Katherine Clark’s derangement regarding her ANTIFA aligned, pervert son. And we hope it’s to the McBurney compound somehow for 19 year old Jacob Kersey who quit his job rather than bow to the mob!

We’ll visit the Russian Front, the maternity ward in post IUD reality, and Jackson Mississippi where fashionable obsessions regarding race, gender and entertainment might give way to thoughts of getting water to drink.

A pro-abort asks why pro-lifers don’t uphold the inalienable right to life without exception, and exposes the hypocrisy on both sides, and the murder in the hearts of men.

Hear evidence that we all knew masks were useless against viruses from back in 2003, and evidence that the COVID 19 “emergency” may never really end.

Pfizer Executive Vice President Jordan Trishton Walker is an unapologetic faggot atop one of the most powerful companies on earth, but he still doesn’t know that adaptation is not mutation, nor that once you “direct” evolution, it’s called “design!”

The children of the Irish who saved civilization seem on the brink of losing it. Civil bureaucrats at the zoo want to help you hate your ex. And Andrew Tate is not a conservative! He’s a pimp and a molester of the lowest order, and the face of the fall of a generation for whom all manner of criminality has been legalized.

A RE-publican in Louisiana is suggesting that (in light of the legalization of fornication), it’s time we replace responsible fatherhood with a law forcing men cover half the bills of their baby momma.

Hear our take on the alleged Chinese spy balloon in light of the stoned children at the helm of America’s defense infrastructure.

And we thank God for the freedom and the victory of heroic father Mark Houck over the murderous death cult who sought to imprison him.



Another Poison Pill

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer & her host Doug McBurney for the Weekly Worldview as they span the globe to bring you all the trouble in the world, and the solution.

The conservative talk this week turns to modern day segregation in the 3rd grade classroom, Rand Paul’s half truth regarding why ISIS exists and is getting stronger, and the whole truth about how traitor Edward Snowden crippled Western Civilization’s Long War against Islamism.

Then there’s the defeat of the mighty sheiks of OPEC by the rednecks, roughnecks and roustabouts of the North American oil fields, Barry HO’s dissembling about the threat of Climate Change to the American military while cities in America and the Middle East erupt with the warfare & violence he and his girl troika have sown.

China is making her contribution to stem the tide of impending climate crises by building and fortifying islands in the South China Sea for as yet unspecified “environmental” activities, Loretta Lynch is prosecuting FIFA for apparently not following appropriate corruption protocol, and the residents of Baltimore are afraid to leave their homes at night since Barry, Loretta Lynch, and that cross between a rabid pit-bull & a lawyer (Marilyn Mosby) put their boots on the necks of local law enforcement there.

The Vatican has finally trotted out a secretary (not the Pope) to call attention to the “defeat for humanity” that occurred when the foolish, ignorant children of Ireland voted to destroy marriage, and now the governing authorities in Chile have decided to have a public conversation about legalizing things that have been known as crimes for five thousand years, and the birth control pill has been tentatively outed for the threat to women’s health, (and personhood) that it is.

And now that your daughter can be fitted with an IUD right in the nurses office at your local public school, students are showing their appreciation by organizing, promoting and attending real life brawls via social media, and a teacher who read a homo-pormographic Allen Ginsberg poem to his high school class has resigned despite his advocates amongst the child molesters administering the government schools.

And finally a bunch of drugged out hippies destroyed ancient Israeli artifacts during their annual exchange of drugs and venereal diseases known as the “Burning Man” festival… but they promise they won’t do it again.

It’s all right below at the podcast link. Hit it, and get more conservative talk in one hour than most other hosts can muster in a week!