1st in Recorded History

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as they go on the record with a few more firsts…

We’ll cover how Ron Paul and Alex Jones were NOT right all along, how the CDC gave us “guidelines with a gun“, and how the FBI may have planted or stolen evidence in the raid on Mar-a-Lago!

The LAPD is down to 10 homicide detectives, while up to 397 murders, And their schools are raising the next generation of hate filled killers.

Government School Administrators are admitting that the God of the Bible is God, while asking to be excused from His authority. Airplanes might just start falling from the skies due to D.I.E. policies and propaganda. And in Florida pervert teachers are working from the “inside” to help our adversaries, (while mom’s are working outside the home instead of educating their kids).

In the formerly Great Britain the majority of newborn children are bastards.

In Alabama Judge Roy Moore was defamed.

And in Canada Artur Pawlowski is showing us why tyrants cannot tolerate normal people who fear God and worship Jesus Christ!

We salute Senator Ron Johnson for maintaining his head while all around him were losing theirs when the lock-downs were rolled out, and we want to remind conservatives that we do not all agree that the government schools should provide meals  to the poor, the rich, or to anyone else!

All that plus the implicit violence lurking in White House press secretary Karine “John” Jean Pierre’s statements following the Mar-a-Lago raid, Left Wing “conservative” ads seeking to profit from the COVID hysteria, and what might happen when Donald Trump is criminally charged, possible even arrested… or if, God forbid, the Clinton/Obama/Biden Administration actually tries to take him out…




99 Cent Rant

Tune in America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host for the full 9 yards.

Homeschooling quietly increased to almost one in five, monoclonal antibodies are as experimental and tainted as the vaccines, and Western Urinalists couldn’t care less about the truth coming out of the lock-down in Xi’an China.

Malingerers of the world unite! (for one more week off on the pandemic) alongside the TSA, COVID testing has become the equivalent of self-harm cutting rituals, and hear from Professor Ehud Qimron, a Jew in which there is no guile, (regarding the COVID propaganda).

Socialized medicine continues to kill the disabled, Ronald McDonald House is evicting children with cancer, and the Australian Open has devolved to an amateur propaganda exercise, having nothing to do with who’s the best at tennis.

The university’s Animal House is set to devolve to Sodomy House, “killing two birds with one stone” is almost as bad as uttering the word “nigger” in the context of a poem about true history, and check in with us on a couple of terminal adolescents at the LAPD are more interested in chasing Snorlax than burglars, (and we mean even when burglaries were illegal in Los Angeles)!

Baltimore’s “Pitbull” D.A. Marilyn Mosby turns out to be less of an ideologue, and more or less just a greedy crook, the Loudon County School Rapist was convicted and remains free, and reason 1,283 to get or keep your kids out of the government schools? The Satan club!

All that and the record club in the back of the magazine, economics, All Quiet on the Western Front, the confidence game and civilization in the balance…




The Abolition of Man

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer bumps your host past the news of the week and on to C.S. Lewis’ prophetic warning sign, nailed across the doorpost of history.

Hear for yourself the LAPD’s latest advice, (regurgitated from from 1978) to just lay back and enjoy the crime wave, the abolition of letter grades in the government schools, and how the kids are not alright, but are all going queer.

Hear from the demons at the Travis Scott concert, but not from the Christian missionaries kidnapped in Haiti…

We’ll discuss the what we hope is not the last breakthrough therapy for spinal cord injuries, Glen de Vries prophetic hope for a new perspective of life on earth, the muscle behind Steve Sweeney’s concession to Edward Durr, and Alec Baldwin’s cry for help.

All that along with child-proof Tide Pods, the confluence of maskiness and a thick Thai accent, the assumption of idiocy being foisted upon all of us, feeding “hungry” families on the military base for the holidays, and the six of the modern tenants promising the Abolition of Man…

And finally as to C.S. Lewis’ “The Abolition of Man“: Far more prophetic than anything George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, or any of the other secular dystopians have written; I read it twice because it is difficult for a modern mind such as mine to comprehend such sophisticated literature, written even less than a century ago.

Lewis uses the examples of the airplane, wireless communications, and contraceptives as the most obvious and latest means by which man is overcoming nature, or conquering nature, (mans conquest of nature, and the establishment of so called “science” and so called “experts” as preeminent over old fashioned notions of religion and spirituality having been the driving force of the secular world in the 20th century).

At least that was the point of getting educated, as it was sold to our grandfathers. Education would overthrow God. That was what grandpa was subtly told was the ultimate point of getting an education.

The text of The Abolition of Man was delivered as lectures in February 1943. The tide had turned in WWII and it was just a matter of time and perseverance in order to see Western Civilization survive the onslaught of the bastard child to which she’d given birth.

That bastard being Atheistic Communism. (Sometimes it’s called Fascism, sometimes Nazism, Sometimes Communism, or Socialism, or even the latest, softer, friendlier title “State Capitalism” as described in China by her propagandists).

I call it Atheistic Communism in order to set it as in clear opposition to Godly Communism. Godly Communism is what we call “The Family” as ordained by God. The family is an institution given to us by God as a place where people can have things in common and not consider it robbery. It is an earthly reflection of the relationship within the trinity. But that’s another story altogether…

Atheistic Communism & Fascism were the first two bastard children to rise in hatred intent on killing the parents who’d raised them. Lewis was warning us, I believe about the rise of the third. A bastard child whom he does not name, who I’m afraid it appears has inherited the world. And he’s doing with it what Lewis expected to be done. We can see it all around us. Sometimes we feel in closing in on us. And it’s nothing good.

Before the surrender of the Axis Lewis had already turned to the next war, which was not the cold war. That war will be found to have been mostly a sham, carried off by the winners mostly for money as far as most of them knew at the time. But in the perpetration of the Cold War, just as the necessary prosecution of the WWII had been, our attention was taken away from what was really going on.
What was really going on was the breathing of new life into the corpse of the defeated foe.

Which we find to our surprise not to have been Fascism; not Nazism, not Communism, but in reality the one vanquished by the so called “Allies” was what I will call Christendom, which Lewis associates in his book with the ancient Chinese nomenclature of “the Tao”, and what anyone three generations prior to us would have simply called, with some measure of reverence, Western Civilization. It was the West that lie dead on the floor at the end of WWII, and at the dawning of The Cold War.

And this new life that the academics directing the Allied leadership would breathe into her was a gale that Lewis had already identified as being in the air. He smelt it. And The Abolition of Man was Lewis’s warning sign, nailed to the doorpost of history for anyone caring to look to see.

What was in the air was a new reality, and ultimately a humanity defined by the appetites of these academics alone, apart from objective morality. And not even only by man’s natural appetites mind you, (and therein lies the diabolical nature of the crime they were committing. But a reality and a humanity molded and made precisely into the image of these same mid-century secular leftists who stood atop the smoldering rubble of world near completely destroyed, who by the end of the war realized they had captured the culture, they had in fact finally killed her, and now they could remake her, both east and west of the iron curtain.

And unlike history’s indispensable man George Washington, the academics animating the so-called Allies would not submit their authority in humility to God. In the approximately 6.66 generations between George Washington and Harry Truman humility had been thoroughly replaced by humanism. And this time it would be humans, men with power, apart from any allegiance to godliness who would remake the world in their image.

And so what we’ve been sold as our greatest generation and her greatest victory, is on the verge of cementing it’s place in actual history, as the fountainhead of our ultimate downfall. Having brought humanity, by the mid 20th century, by tolerance of leftism into the desperate position of having to fight for our lives against the rise of the secular rule we had allowed room for. Our grandfathers were lured into a Faustian bargain, and persuaded to sacrifice that which made us great, for that which would sustain mere existence.

In essence our grandfathers traded Christendom for a bowl of stew. And our parents and now we, and now our children have been handed that slop and told to like it. But it’s become bitter in the stomachs of the children. And as the vomit comes up, it comes out like a whirlwind, to sweep away even that mere existence that our winking grandfathers folded over like a worn out dollar bill, and shoved into our pocket with a certain type of grin…

The essence of the book to me: The pursuit of the conquest of man over nature, is in reality the pursuit of the conquest of God by man. And in the end that turns out, to the chagrin of the conquerors, to be the mere conquest of men by other men. The latter, having convinced the former that the conquest would make them free, but neither able to carry off what needs come when the conquest is complete, (making the latter more foolish of the two). But both having ultimately been defeated.

But we men of Christendom will not comply. We will not go quietly, because our worldview is animated by the Life of Christ.