Peak Humanity

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer helps her host scale the heights of the human condition and report back of their continuum on into eternity!

We’ll cover a politician positing the novel idea that politicians should be held criminally responsible for criminal activity, a Down Syndrome heroin Charlotte Fien shredding an UNHuman Rights Committee sociopath, and the age of recreational Scromiting!

Hear about reasons 1,113 & 14 to get or keep your kids out of the government schools, (they might be shot dead, or stumble upon their teachers’ stash…)

Another Entertainment executive has been accused, (well, actually arrested) for child molestation, (this time at Disney), the Trump DOJ is looking into the possibility of criminality related to the booming trade in dead babies produced by Planned Parenthood and the child killing industry.

Tune in to hear about the 2000 odd immunotherapies drugs in development as scientists continue to decode the Human Immune System, and how those scientists will reveal the Designer despite themselves!

Stephen Hawking knows he’s going to end up in the fire. And his contemporaries, engaged in a diabolical effort to convince impressionable young people that they should feel awful about destroying the planet, are now saying that “this is as good as it gets“, even as many of them are exposed as outright liars!

Finally there’s the asteroid, the aliens and a prediction for Roy Moore now that he’s taken us a bridge too far




America’s most attractive audio engineer brings back her host as they ride the crest of the quasi-awakening gaining currency amongst the heathen.

Listen in and hear about an Anglican “minister” offering prayers about sex and a 4 year old boy, even as the Church of England and other U.K officials promote the psychological, spiritual (and dare we say even physical) molestation of schoolchildren over the Bible!

In Arkansas hapless christian parents are slapping up “In God We Trust” posters even as the larger government school system hires molesters, inflict their perverse gender ideology, promote self identification, no matter how ludicrous or insane, (and even struggle with students bombing their principles)!

On the science front we offer two uplifting stories: one about a young boy cured of a rare and possibly fatal skin disease, and incredible breakthroughs in cancer research surrounding Neutrophils.

But then there’s that first “officially” declared sexually transmitted case of Zika to bring us all back down to the fallen earth.

We’ll try to explain the signal judges and lawyers sent with their “472 year” prison sentence for kidnapper and a pimp, why a young man murdered and mutilated his own father, and how it could be that the entire city council of Palm Springs has gone tranny, queer, bi, and worse!

And of course we welcome America to the secularized “christmas” season with the story of a Christmas Tree search that in our minds perfectly symbolizes the sad state of Christmas  today…

There’s also Roy Moore, Kate Steinle, the BIG BIG HUGE Tax Reform, and some reflection on why it is we can only seem to muster a quasi-awakening in the face of events that should send us all to our knees seeking the Living God and His Wisdom and His Mercy and His Justice.



Adolescence Amidst the Catastrophe

Tune is and hear America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as together they make it clear that there is still an adult in the room somewhere.

Find out about the progressive, tolerant liberals fleeing Denver neighborhoods because of the homeless bums they were raised to worship, how Christianity in China is showing it’s typical resilience against the communists “Religious Winter“, and how Judge Roy Moore should have been the straight talking outsider that America turned to in this election cycle.

A boy was set on fire in the company of his government school classmates, Another suicidal idiot child opened fire at a Wal-Mart, angry mobs are fearlessly attacking the police in broad daylight, and the authorities are more and more afraid to enforce the law with vigor.

Hear how Hillary’s career spans the entire spectrum of American political experience from good old fashioned graft, to arming terrorists, to evading justice, to treason for money.

Barry HO must have been smoking weed with Leonardo Dicaprio last week, and the Iraqi Transportation Minister must have been watching Mario Antoinette on “Ancient Aliens”, and just because you’re a tech billionaire does not mean you will not become a completely gullible, moronic imbecile because of your denial of the Living God…

In Japan the news was good at first, with the Nobel Prize for Medicine going to an astute Japanese scientist, but ended on a down note with Toyota’s production of a robot “baby replacement” for a childless & lonely generation.

And of course we cover the wonderful news about Aqib Talib, one of the great Muslim American athletes Barry told us helped forge the soul of America…

Get that and a little bit of cattle wrangling at the podcast below before what we do around here is declared illegal.