Can’t Buy Me Love

This week America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host examine what passes for love now that we are all socialists…

With all eyes on Russia, Ukraine, China and Tik-Tok, we’re reminded of the mad mullah’s in Iran, theie evil desire for the bomb, and their evil desire to enslave their women, (and the world). We go to Orange County California for reason number 2,020 to get your kids out of the public schools, (and especially the all gender restrooms).

Republicans in Florida are pushing child killing out of the Operating Room and into the pharmacy. In Ohio J.D. Vance, (and other RE-publicans) are behaving like we are all socialists. And in North Dakota well-intentioned pharmacists who don’t want to hand out poison that kills people are being misled by lawyers on how to fight the abortion pill mandate.

The family of Madonna and her brother Anthony Ciccone are poster children for the godless, loveless, and very sad All American family. And so many of America’s other families are drugging their sons instead of training and disciplining them. And about half of America’s hate filled killers are getting away with it.

A Seattle madman has been released on bail after killing one, and wounded six in a shooting rampage. In small town America the strong are robbing and butchering the weak in broad daylight. And in Canada Christians are getting the police’s attention regarding “Drag Queen Story Hour”, but the police are arresting the Christians!

Speaking of Christians, a christian school in Vermont forfeited a girl’s basketball tournament to avoid playing a tranny, (and we made sure the proper message was delivered to the tranny and everybody else)! Pete Buttigieg’s protege Patrick Wojahn got busted with child pornography. Kindle is attempting to edit reality in real time.

All that, plus who was in the cockpit for the flyover at the Superbowl, and the relief of knowing the pilot of your plane has a deep voice, a normal wife, and a son!



Dead & Bloated Deep State Blues

Tune in to get the latest on the decline and fall of Western Civilization and what to do to keep the rancid  residue from getting all over you!

Come with us to Texas where child killing is still done with the abortion pill right along side pro-life regulations, just like Bill Clinton intended back in 1993. Join the conversation in Washington about whether or not anyone in the Xi Biden administration should be embarrassed about the arrest of their FBI’s top counterintelligence official. And join the parents of Utah is saying a collective “SHAZAM!!!” when confronted with the fact that Planned Parenthood is writing the curriculum in the public schools, (at least the dirty parts).

RE-publican Kristi Noem is normalizing sexual mutilation surgery for adults, while further codifying the decriminalization of the mutilation of children, all while being told she’s winning by RE-publican & evangelical light-weights. What if child molesters held and insurrection, (in Oklahoma), and no one noticed? And on the bright side 1.2 million have escaped the government schools since the BIG FLINCH of 2020, and while 240,000 may be unaccounted for by the Deep State, maybe being unaccounted for is a blessing for school aged children these days!

A New Jersey kindergarten teacher was found in a shallow grave last week, and  a teen-aged boy was filmed viciously beating a 9 year old girl on the school bus, while in more senseless violence the CDC has added the failed, dangerous and unnecessary COVID shots and boosters to the immunization schedule for kids starting at six months old!

The Pro Life Spider-Man Maison Des Champ headlined the most important event in Phoenix in the 21st century.

What should we know about Ukraine and the road to WWIII? And is anyone else concerned that the modern pop culture hates Valentines Day, and celebrate the hatred of their exes so much?

The largest egg farm was coincidentally destroyed just days after America’s 3rd largest burned to the ground, all while a string of food industry disasters seem almost too coincidental. You know like the COVID shots and another dozen or so young people making the news for dropping dead suddenly last week.

While governing officials defiled one another and their subjects like it’s the last days of Rome, researchers in Holland are developing new algorithms for predicting earthquakes like the massive Turkey quake that has so tragically killed 30,000 and counting.

While everyone was watching the skies for Xi Biden’s spy balloons and other UFOs the four horsewomen of the apocalypse in charge released Star Trek villain and Al Qaeda terrorist Majid Khan from Guantanimo. Hillary is on the grift again, and appears to be morphing into something a little less repulsive than Madonna, but almost the twin of George Soros:George Soros looks like Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton looks like George Soros







All that plus some not so subtle hints from the new boss about who’s paying the piper, and who’s calling the tune.



Social Information Kills the News

Tune in to America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host for an autopsy on The News, and other top stories!

Hear about the RE-publicans in West Virginia who want to put Bibles in whore-houses, more  and more heinous murder alongside the DNA databases that might just prevent it despite the best efforts of hapless democratic governments to stop them.

Learn reason 1,120 to get or keep your kids out of the government schools, (the teachers are keeping their gender-queering a secret from parents now).

We cover the mass-hysteria and market crashing widespread panic that is the West Nile, ZIKA, Bird Flu, MERS, Corona Virus and discuss how “The News” is hyping it to save themselves, (but they’re already dead and just don’t know it yet).

There was a mass shooting in Milwaukee that almost no one noticed, (except the dead and their families), a “peace” deal with the Taliban that no one in their right mind can believe, and a straw poll at Matt Schlapp’s phony-baloney CPAC that proved what gullible morons CPAC members are…

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of England knocked up the slut for whom he left the mother of his four children. And as most of us suspected MSNBC’s Chris Matthews is a creep, (and in a filthy, nasty way).

Rapist and child molester Roman Polanski won an award in Paris, while Steven Spielberg’s daughter wants to be a porn star.

70 Years after the Holocaust the Jews are doing so well that much of the western world is hating on them again.

And while ingenious Chinese researchers prepare 100,000 ducks to move against the Biblical swarms of locusts making their way into Pakistan from Africa, one Chinese Mother (caught paying a $400,000.00 bribe so her son could get high and go gay at UCLA) dispelled the myth that all Asians are smart!

All that plus Madonna and Oprah vs gravity, chain-saws 101, how the South Carolina Primary finally killed the campaign of Homo Pete, and possibly even more at the podcast link below: