Just Like Mike

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as they document promises of both incidental and intentional realities prophesied from old, even from basketball…

Come with us to Canada where a temporary reprieve from tyranny is a temporary fig leaf covering a tree of treachery and deceit; and to California, where the lawyers need not concern themselves with the murders of Lacey and Conner that Scott Peterson so obviously committed as they seek to help him get away with it.

And come up to the heights of business and social success and influence to discover that acclaimed Nike executive Larry Miller is covered in innocent blood. And all of his enablers, and our society as a whole want to be just like Mike.

The RE-publicans have some unintentional promises regarding the trans-gender ideology they are bound to keep, while the child killing Democrats, (Tulsi Gabbard at least) have come out as RE-publicans at CPAC.

And in Colorado a bill to abolish child killing carried the day for those who testified on behalf of the children, and is falling like a stone upon those opposed.

Al that plus the pro-life industry work of Jason Salzman (and others), the blood of a hundred million innocents upon North America, (and a billion across the world), the bloody mess attending the halt of the eastward march of the criminally insane perverts in Ukraine, and how tacit approval of evil gets people killed just as dead as the full-throated kind.