Not a Simulation

America’s most attractive audio engineer is back to take you on a voyage through reality; in this universe and no other!

We’ll go recruiting magistrates in modern, guilt ridden England, sleeping on the streets of San Francisco, and then to a movie with Gloria Steinem!

And we will give Trump credit where credit is due for ending the funding of the Palestinian Terrorism Project funded through the UNRWA for the past 70 years!

We’ll look in on the U.K.’s Boris Johnson of Brexit, (and apparently adulterous philandering) fame, take a peek under the hood of the 25% of college students who are mentally ill, and check in on the fragile state of Elon Musk to find out which universe in which he plans to file bankruptcy, and eventually be committed.

Then it’s back to England to cover the rape spree of a tranny, (both in and out of; both male and female prison), the firing of a Lt. Colonel of Marines for the use of the term “faggot” (apparently as a derogatory), and then it’s THE RUSSIANS!!! with their Facebook bots and ads looking to undermine our “sacred” democracy, by trolling the extremely stupid.

All this and a breakthrough on reaching those on the left suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome! All at the podcast below…