Left Wing Conservative

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as they expose the left wing fronting as conservative.

If only green energy were “all about the money!” And if only we could put Dr. Fauci & his Chief Hysteric Rochelle – Rochelle Walensky behind us, (or behind something extremely thick). And if only Xavier Becerra were a short stop for the Cubs instead of a leading villain in the communist’s pandemic play!

Peter Thiel appears to be interested in picking up something with “conservative” men, George Foreman is getting extorted via the “Me two, or three, or twelve point five million”  movement, and a drag queen at the Department of Energy reminds us of the last time the church lost Western Civilization!

The “child abuse” doctor in Ohio meets the the illegal alien molester, meets the 10 year old victim and a large group of reporters, (and her mom) at the abortion mill, a 90’s Grunge band commits a self abortion on stage, And in Georgia, Arizona and Ohio we learn the only thing for sure in the Dobbs v Jackson decision was the end of America’s God Given Right to Life.

We now have the video proving cowardly police restrained a father while his daughter was killed in Uvalde. Homo, pervert “tech CEO” John Woodward thought he got away with murder even before O.J Simpson made it cool. And stopping for gas in California might get you killed (by judges, parole boards and vagrant monsters from the pit of hell).

It’s time the criminally negligent Just-a-System is put on trial, and time the families of victims get to do right on the order of the judge!

All that plus Buffer Insurance will pay their employees to be fruitful and multiply, America’s various coups deserve a case by case judgment, the elected communists and COVID hysterics are saving some kids despite themselves, the American flag is sufficient, thank you, and Donald Trump and Elon Musk are both nominated for “Artist of the Year!”




Vernacular of Perplexity

Join Americas’ most attractive audio engineer and her host as they review the all the news that has all of us about as shocked as we’re able to be anymore…

Hear why George W. Bush ought to be scared, what Joy Pullman has to say about criminal molesters promoting 4-H camp to her kids, and reason number 1,966 to get or keep your kids out of the government schools… even the librarians are perverts!

The fellow in charge of new drugs at the FDA is either crazy, or just out of favor with the bureaucracy, long COVID might just be an anxiety disorder by another name, and while we always found masks to be an annoyance, a new study shows they may also be making some people sick.

In Florida an argument that once upon a time would have resulted in some yelling ended in mass murder. In Minnesota a strung out mom in a custody battle chose to slaughter her seven-year-old son, and in Texas of course, another slaughter of children revealed bureaucratic cowardice, (and the reporting about it by Jordan Boyd revealed institutional leftism, even among “conservative” urinalists.

A woman with no tactical gear, or training took out a potential mass murderer in West Virginia, while the cops in Uvalde kept parents from running in to save their kids, even as the (almost certainly vaxxed) cops did not.

All that plus Micah, Chapter 7, attitudes about “the data” when it comes to vaccine efficacy vs marijuana psychosis, who should be getting getting arrested for what, and why not doing it is an existential threat to all civilization, and the top 6 of the first 666 reasons to get your kids out of public school.