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We find some small glimmer of hope for Western Civilization is Symphonic Metal bassist Otto Shimmelpennink’s heroic stage performance, but are quickly brought back to earth when confronted with the fact that one of the most influential thinkers in the world, Stephen Hawking is not only crazy, but is also a fool!

We’ve got Terrance Bean, professed homosexualist, founder of homosexualist Human Rights Campaign, and accused child molester visiting Barry HO and his M.O. at the White House; a young murderer who thought he might get community service for murdering his girlfriend; and reason number 840 to get, or keep your kids out of the government schools, an attempted back alley abortion, performed in a classroom, by a teacher, (despite abortion being safe legal and rare, just like the leftists always say), on a student he molested and impregnated!

One of Barry’s ObamaCare architects (Jonathan Gruber) says abortion is a social good. And we now know that nearly 20% of all American pregnancies end in surgical abortion. Our government expects us to celebrate that number as an “all time low”. Of course they speak only of the short time since child killing has been decriminalized, and they fail to count chemical abortions, which we posit must be increasing, (what with Corey Gardner possibly planning to franchise a retail birth control chain right here in Colorado).

The US treasury is engaged in what the US Securities & Exchange Commission defines as a “Ponzi Scheme” and Britain is off refinancing WWI debt with new, cheaper debt, (that’s right, I said World War ONE).

In St Louis the prosecutor appears to be looking the other way on perjury and incitement to riot charges, (most likely out of fear for his life and those of his family), but may prosecute the bomb plot that was foiled and revealed the would be bomber was using his girlfriend’s government issued welfare, (EBT) card to buy his bombing supplies

Louis Head, (with the baggy pants, and the shouting of “burn this b***c down” is NOT Mike Brown’s step-dad, and Mike Brown’s life and family were desperate and broken, and may have contributed to his “suicide by cop“. (Along with the Marijuana). But a few brothers with AR-15s proved that it’s not a white black thing, it’s a respect and civilization thing, and they showed us there is hope, even fro a broken and hurting nation.

Meanwhile the Russians and the Saudis are out to shut down American Shale Oil… but can they afford to pay the piper in order to call the tune?

French Jihadis are proving to be as much of a laughingstock as were their fathers and grandfathers before them, The EU Court of Human Rights has ordered France to pay Pirates and their lawyers, (not meaning to be redundant there), The Pope says it’s wrong to say that the Moslem religious leaders who would chop his head off as soon as compliment his pope hat, espouse violence, and a victim of bad theology prayed over a corpse for six months, (while it decomposed).

Finally: doctors in Canada are now cleared to prescribe heroin to heroin addicts as a treatment for heroin addiction, and Barry never signed an executive order legalizing 5 million aliens… Just like Blackmun’s Roe v Wade Decision before it, Barry’s memoranda merely created an environment of perceived legality that allowed the proctocracy and the people they rule over to do what is already in their hearts to do.

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