Deal With The Devil

This week America’s most attractive audio engineer wraps the best bumpers in the business around the startling reality that the deal with the Devil’s coming due…

We begin with a frolic in Mina, Saudi Arabia where hundreds of Moslems stomped, crushed and suffocated one another in accordance with Allah’s will. And on to L.A. where America’s ally, the house of Saud continued the fine Islamic tradition of kidnapping & raping women.

#ShoutYourAbortion revealed the cold-hearted nature of the post abortive feminist, and their thin skin when it comes to anyone who would question their “choice” to murder innocent people.

Joe Biden said “abortion is always wrong”, but that he’s OK with it, a British Army Colonel told us that, contrary to Obama administration policy, ISIS can be defeated, and it’s once again been writ large that America’s “deal with the devil”, i.e. our alliance with Moslem pagans, includes telling our fighting men to ignore the boys being raped by Afghan commanders.

Then there are the four or five “moderate” Moslem rebels whom Barry HO and John McCain have trained for $500m, the potential 35 million Moslem invaders that could end up on the dole in Europe, and the BIG news that Joe Biden & Hillary Clinton will be addressing the premier homosexualist organization; the Orwellianly named Human Rights Campaign.

President Barry Ho has launched his most significant military operation to date, the one to homosexualize our military one branch at a time.

Dr. Paul Church, a 30 year Harvard Urology professor, and practicing medical doctor has been expelled for pointing out that homosexual behavior is bad for your health and psyche.

And the pile of homos running the Gender Identity Research & Education Society are openly lobbying for government funding for their trans gender centered curriculum designed for 3 years old and up!

We cover reason number 934 to get or keep your kids out of the government schools, (when the killer opens fire… throw your books at him!

John Boehner will be taking a one month victory lap through congress where we suspect his final act will be to secure more money for Planned Parenthood so they can continue to chop up and sell the babies they murder.

And Edward Snowden is concerned that despite NSA spying we may be missing communications from space aliens. We did not maker that last one up! Grab the podcast for the week below. We shall return…

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Cowards Don’t Get to Keep Thier Country

With all the talk, (especially on conservative talk radio) of the “rogue” president’s executive action, and how he’s committed the ultimate violation of the constitution and has undermined the republic and even destroyed the country and declared himself emperor; do we have to remind you people that the right to life itself was abolished for millions of Americans a generation ago… And cowards from the pulpits to the state houses to the White House, and from the courtrooms, to the boardrooms were silent…

And they thought we could keep our country after that? Doesn’t anybody read history? Cowards don’t get to keep their country…

Jeff Sessions and others are right to criticize Barry Ho over his unconstitutional and illegal action on immigration. But is shuffling paperwork in regards to maids and fruit pickers really more damaging to the Republic than was the abolition of the right to life? Or would all you cowardly politicians prefer to avoid that topic while whipping up you donors over the immigration?

And with that brutally honest assessment having been made we delve into the news of the day by way of driving the point home:

We have the founder of the most aggressive homosexual advocacy lobby in the word: Human Rights Campaign indicted for homosexual pederasty; (arrested for molesting at least one teenage boy so far), two washed up country singers, Ty Herndon and Billy Gilman coming out as open flaming homos, and public schools from Maryland to Chicago, to California denying Christianity & Judaism, advocating sex with and between children, and telling post abortive college students that everything’s O.K.

See the image of an unborn baby smiling from her mother’s womb!

From the “Science… Really!” file, we have evolutionary big bangers denying the existence of a personal Creator, but thanking gaseous, ringed planets for “good behavior“. And then we learn of interesting patterns in the universe that creationists call magnificent, but that the aforementioned evolutionary big bangers call “spooky” & “eerie“.

On a bright note, The Pope denounced euthanasia and the CNN production of the suicide of Brittany Maynard!

But does anyone recognize an America where an innocent girl is raped, bludgeoned, set on fire and murdered in a park in Wichita Kansas? When the conservative talk shows discuss how Barry has destroyed the country this week, remember this story, and know that “America” was lost a long time ago, by cowards who allowed violence and murder to become a “tolerable” part of the fabric of our nation.

The purge of fighting men from the American Military continues under our first homosexualist president, with the pending forced retirement of decorated combat pilot Lt. Col. Christopher Downey for the crime of separating two slobbering lesbians on the dance floor.

Hopefully we won’t need the services of Lt. Col. Downey in the battle to stop the likes of Islamic Supremacist madman terrorists Al-Shabab and the Islamic State

The Episcopalians have finally made their organizational suicide public and official by hosting the first Moslem prayer at the National Cathedral, The American Government is now paying ransoms to terrorists, (well, they tried but were outsmarted by an Afghan goat herder… but still), and a painting alleged to have been made by Adolf Hitler has been sold at auction to “a private person from the middle east“, suggesting that Hitlers progeny lives on in the form of the Islamic Supremacists hell bent on conquering the middle east and the world!

Other than all that, we hope you have a wonderful week!